DreamBox Math by Discovery Education is a K-8 online math program that supplements core instruction in the classroom or at home and is independently proven by several third-party research organizations to increase math achievement. DreamBox Math adapts dynamically to the learner, providing personalized instruction. DreamBox Math lessons are available in both English and Spanish and align to math standards in all states. Along with actionable reporting and tools that empower differentiation for all learners, DreamBox gives teachers content-specific professional development and provides administrators with insights about how all students are progressing.

With DreamBox, students engage in personalized learning specifically designed to meet their unique needs. DreamBox is actively used by nearly 6 million students and over 600,000 educators across over 4,000 school districts in every state in the U.S., the District of Columbia, and throughout Canada and Mexico. In one year, over 3,857,000,000 instructional minutes were driven by DreamBox Math.

What formats/platforms are used?

DreamBox Math is an online, adaptive instructional program that uses immersive and interactive math lessons to make learning fun. Through virtual manipulatives, the program provides interactive tools that don’t merely enhance existing manipulatives, the tools transform learning experiences for students that couldn’t exist without technology. As students engage with each lesson, the program’s intelligent adaptive engine captures and analyzes learning behavior. Every click, keystroke, correct and incorrect answer, and time spent on each question informs the learning path, so instruction meets every student’s learning needs.

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Problem solved:

DreamBox Math provides in-the-moment insights for educators to make the best instructional decisions for every student. It also gives administrators insights to help evaluate instructional programming. Consider four reasons every district deserves DreamBox Math:

  1. Adaptivity: DreamBox Math adapts and differentiates instruction in real time based on students’ answers and how they approach and solve math problems. By automatically and continually supporting learners at their level, the program ensures they stay motivated as they build math skills.

  2. Efficacy: District leaders adopt DreamBox Math in their organizations to provide educators and students with an effective math instructional tool. The program is proven to accelerate student math growth. In fact, the solution is rated STRONG by Evidence for ESSA and research indicates that K-8 students using the program showed statistically significant growth on EOY state assessments, regardless of starting point, gender, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, outperforming their peers who did not use DreamBox Math.

  3. Progress Monitoring: DreamBox Math empowers educators from the classroom to the district office with robust, actionable insights from data analytics and reports. The program provides a powerful educator experience that helps schools and teachers deliver personalized instruction by leveraging meaningful, actionable data The dashboard reports enhance educators’ effectiveness, deepens their understanding for student learning, and enables teachers to make data-informed decisions about instruction. The comprehensive reports provide details about student usage, progress, and growth. By using these reports, educators feel confident about making appropriate intervention decisions and communicating student progress with stakeholders.

  4. Student Agency: With DreamBox Math, students take ownership of their math learning when they set and track goals, personalize avatars and work within incentivized, gamified environments. Built-in student messaging lets teachers send personalized notes to encourage productive struggle. Students can respond or initiate conversations and feel connected with their teacher, all within the platform.


Grade/age range:


Core or supplemental:

DreamBox Math by Discovery Education is a K-8 online math program that supplements core instruction in the classroom or at home and is independently proven by several third-party research organizations to increase math achievement.


DreamBox Math lessons are available in both English and Spanish and aligned to applicable state and national standards math.

Lesson time needed:

For best results, Discovery Education suggests students spend twenty minutes a day using DreamBox Math.

Pricing model:

Pricing for DreamBox Math by Discovery Education varies depending upon several factors based on the school or districts preferences.

Additional services needed or included:

DreamBox Math is easy to implement and can be used by students immediately. Because the user interface includes onscreen manipulatives, which are developmentally appropriate, students can work independently on their devices. Teachers do not need any additional training to implement the program.

The technical requirements and recommendations for DreamBox Math include an iPad with iOS9.3 or higher, or a computer (PC, Mac, Chromebook), with a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, the most current version of Google, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari browser, and a headset.


What makes DreamBox unique?

DreamBox Learning is the only K–8 digital math program rated STRONG by Evidence for ESSA, powered by students, built by and for educators, and proven to positively impact student achievement.


With DreamBox Math, educators can use robust reports and information from the platform to know when and how to accelerate or remediate – and how to differentiate. The reports cover usage, summative and formative data about student growth, track proficiency by grade level-standards, and monitor progress daily so they don't need to rely on testing windows to see where gaps are. This data allows educators to make the most informed instructional decisions in real time.

In addition, DreamBox Math provides extra support for teachers to focus more on what they do best: teaching. The solution equips educators to create assignments that differentiate lessons for the entire class, small groups, or individual students. Lesson recommendations allow teachers to assign targeted lessons and identify students that can be working together in small groups based on their progress in the platform. I think the reports are the more comprehensive tool for tracking progress and gaining insight into learning pathways.

In addition, continuous formative assessment captures students’ decisions as they solve every math problem. The platform can relay progress and performance data in and between lessons without disrupting instruction. It adjusts instruction within and between lessons to match each learner's level of readiness. Its instruction creates learning that is focused on effort and action, not memorization.

Responsive learning environments adapt to struggling, on-level and advanced students. Learners receive instruction in an environment that's right for them. Students are challenged and nurtured according to their individual levels. They are encouraged to engage, reflect, and engage again. By working consistently within a zone of proximal development, students feel motivated, appropriately challenged, and engaged during every lesson.


Here's what users are saying:

“Our teachers and administrators aspire to provide students with not only a safe learning environment but one that fosters deep critical thinking skills, a love of learning, and confidence to better themselves every day. I am thankful DreamBox Math is playing a big part in supporting this mission.”

- Chad Beasley, Superintendent, Alleghany County Schools, NC

“DreamBox Math has had a substantial impact on our district. We see rapid growth in our student’s performance on our state assessments. When our students and teachers are engaging with DreamBox Math at the recommended levels, they blow it out of the water in their state assessments.” –

Mark Estrada, Superintendent, Lockhart ISD, TX

“DreamBox Math is a way to essentially have another teacher in the room. I’ve found the power in the intentionality to meet the needs of our kids – both at home and in the classroom.”

- Nick Lundberg, Assistant Principal, Westview Elementary, WA

“Students are constantly assessed through the math play and are then delivered lessons that are appropriate for them, at their individual level of readiness. It’s not about memorization or repetition, but deep understanding of mathematical concepts. It’s about learning.”

- Dr. Lynn Simmers, Assistant Superintendent, Southwest Allen County Schools, IN