Website: Door 24 Plus

What does it help with?  Door 24 Plus helps students establish a foundation based on fact fluency and then builds computational fluency by providing practice that requires students to solve problems using basic facts, number sense, and algebraic thinking.

What grade and age range?  Grades 1-8

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what? Supplemental and extracurricular

What subject, topic, and standards is it mapped to?

This math app is part of the i-Ready family of mobile products.  i-Ready, which was built to address the rigor of the new standards, helps students make clear math gains. It collects a broad spectrum of rich data on student abilities that identifies areas where a student is struggling, measures growth across a student's career, supports teacher-led differentiated instruction, and provides a personalized instructional path within a single online solution.

What lesson time does it use? This is a supplemental learning resource that can be used during school at a teacher’s discretion or at home for extra practice.

What is the pricing model? The app is free. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store at

Are there services around it?

Curriculum Associates offers support services for all of its products. If users have any questions about using Door 24 Plus, they can email or call 1-800-225-0248. i-Ready customers can also access tips, how-tos, videos, planning tools, and more on i-Ready Central at

What makes the app unique?

Door 24 Plus is an educational game that provides targeted skill development in areas shown to hold students back. It helps educators ensure long-term achievement gains and increases student performance and growth outcomes.

In the Snargg Splatt fact fluency game, students work fast to combat the evil Snargg-nado by completing math facts and throwing balls at the game board before the time runs out. The game develops automaticity with basic math facts in all four operations and provides repeated exposure to math facts via spiral review. Students can also partner to play the two-player game and work together as they practice their targeted facts.

In the Victor Fixer computational fluency game, students are introduced to Victor, a robot who went haywire and needs help getting patched up. To repair Victor’s circuits, students use problem-solving strategies to solve equations equivalent to 24. The game develops students’ abilities to think quantitatively and strategically and encourages flexibility and perseverance in solving problems.

A description of the characteristics--how is it designed for user interface, user experience? What instructional design principles are at work here?

Door 24 Plus supports both teachers and students in the blended learning environment and harnesses the power of game design to provide students with an engaging learning experience. After completing a brief assessment to identify skill gaps and growth areas, the app will assign students to the appropriate game, either Snargg Splatt or Victor Fixer.

As an additional benefit to users, students can use their i-Ready credentials to sign in to any iPad and continue their gameplay without worrying about needing to use the same device.

Teacher reviews:

“I liked that the product was easy to use and students understood it right away. Students using the program were able to use it without many directions and were able to use it independently.”

“I would recommend this product to other teachers. I like the ease of use and how readily the students can pick it up and use it.”