Tutor.com recently launched Learner Engagements Online™ (LEO), a groundbreaking institutional tutoring platform designed to centralize 24/7 academic support services for students, as well as scheduling tools and actionable analytics for institutions.

The LEO platform was purpose-built from the ground up by a team of Tutor.com online learning experts, educators, education leaders, and web developers, with notable contributions from clients. It was designed to be both expansive and flexible. Institutions can customize the support services available for their learners, with options including: 

  • One-to-one tutoring, scheduled or on demand
  • Drop-off writing and math review
  • Specialized subject tutoring
  • Small-group tutoring
  • One-to-many workshops
  • Peer-to-peer learning in Meeting Spaces
  • Academic advising
  • Job and career help

LEO additionally offers a wide range of self-guided resources, including best-in-class test prep from The Princeton Review®, practice quizzes, video lessons, worksheets, and other resources in the SkillsCenter library.

Students can access Tutor.com’s LEO platform through their learning management systems, quickly connecting with an expert tutor via text, voice, or video. They choose the support format that works best for them: live in real time, asynchronously, or with self-guided resources.

In short: LEO enables institutions to provide equitable, individualized support for every learner that drives increased pass and persistence rates.



Format/platform used:

LEO is web-based (accessible from any internet-connected device); it also works well in low-bandwidth environments.


Primary URL:



Problem solved:

LEO democratizes access to individualized support that helps accelerate learning and improve student outcomes. It facilitates the delivery, management, and measurement of tutoring at scale.


Grade/age range:

LEO was designed to support learners in grades K–12 through higher education, along with those seeking job/career help or engaged in continuing education. The platform’s wide-ranging features and multimodal classroom allow students to get on-demand support at their moment of need, in the format most comfortable for them, on the device they have available.

LEO supports 1-to-1 tutoring and homework help via text, voice, and video. Its proprietary virtual classroom features whiteboards, text and coding screens, graph paper and graphing calculator, file sharing, and other communication and problem-solving tools.


Core offering:

Wide-ranging subject offerings: Tutor.com’s expert tutors provide 1-to-1 support in 250+ subjects. These include subjects for K–12 as well as college/university students, along with standardized test preparation and credentialing support.

Bilingual tutoring for English Language Learners: Tutor.com’s expert tutors provide bilingual support—in Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and French—for many subjects. In addition, Tutor.com offers dedicated ELL subjects, including drop-off and live writing review for English Language Learners, English Language Use, and Listening & Speaking.

Customizable academic support services: Institutions may offer scheduled academic advising and other support services via the LEO platform.

Job and career help: LEO also provides job/career services. These include resume and cover letter review (both live and asynchronous) as well as 1-to-1 help finding, applying for, and interviewing for a job, as well as help with unemployment assistance. The platform additionally provides online job resources.


Subject or topics:

Tutor.com offers expert online tutoring in more than 250 subjects, including topics in math, writing, English, science, computer science, world languages, history and social sciences, study and life skills, nursing and health sciences, business, communications, parent coaching, career services, and standardized test preparation.

Tutor.com’s tutors use Socratic questioning and scaffolding to help students figure out how to solve problems themselves. Tutors support students and teachers by seeking to provide instruction consistent with their school curricula. The forthcoming Teacher Dashboard will enable teachers to refer students for tutoring, with their specific needs already identified, and then review tutoring sessions to chart students’ progress.


Lesson time needed:

LEO is user-friendly and intuitive for students. It integrates with each school’s learning management system or platform to provide single sign-on access for students as well as faculty and administrators.

Tutor.com’s Customer Success team works closely with institutional staff to help them make the most of the platform’s scheduling and data tools. The team also provides resources and assets to help institutions build awareness about their Tutor.com program.


Pricing model:

The platform is customizable for each school, district, and higher education institution. For more information, please contact us at LEOinfo@tutor.com.


Additional services included:

LEO provides a way for institutions to centralize all of their academic support services—from live tutoring to workshops, advising, peer-to-peer collaborations, self-directed study resources, and beyond. The platform also enables administrators to access and create schedules for their own providers, and to view real-time actionable data.

LEO generates early intervention alerts to help schools provide just-in-time support for students who may be struggling and address curricular challenges.


What makes LEO unique? 

  • LEO provides centralized scheduling, delivery, and analytics for a wide range of student support services.
  • LEO provides individualized support for every learner: help when they need it (24/7), in the way they learn best (text, voice, video), in the setting that’s most comfortable for them (via any internet-connected device), in the subject they need help with (250+ available, many with bilingual support), in the format they prefer (1-to-1, small-group, workshop, peer-to-peer, self-directed).
  • LEO provides customized offerings for institutions (with options including on-demand and scheduled expert tutoring, peer or small-group tutoring, specialized subject tutoring, academic advising, and career counseling) and staffing solutions (Tutor.com tutors, institutional tutors, or both).
  • LEO provides transformative support that promotes student success, with real-time actionable data that drives better student outcomes.



The platform itself features a landing page with buttons for each of an institution’s academic support options. Students select the type of support they need, choose their subject and preferred format, and connect to help quickly. They may view or modify their own schedules as well as prior session transcripts. Administrators may also view or modify schedules, access the Client Portal for reports and usage data, view student post-session survey data, and review session transcripts.

The proprietary virtual classroom features a wide range of tools, including whiteboards, text and coding screens, graph paper and graphing calculator, formulas, file sharing, and even confetti.

LEO may be integrated with an institution’s learning management system or platform for single sign-on access. Its design is intended to be intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly.


Here’s what users are saying:

“Providing every student with equitable access to support in a data-rich learning environment helps us realize our mission of driving transformative student success in the field of health science.”

—Erica Ehrhard, Admissions Operations Supervisor at Logan University, an early adopter of LEO