Can school districts sustain a new working model for teaching and learning? In other words, is a school or district able to deliver, in a stable long-term manner, complete packages of learning for their students digitally and graduate them, not necessarily based on grades, but by readiness and skills to enter the world of 2020 and beyond? As Dr. Tina Barrios, Assistant Superintendent of Polk County School District, stated at the Digital Curriculum Discussion event in Tampa, "I think that where we are at now is: how are we going to sustain it?" This will be the discussion at education leadership events this Fall.

Education executives will convene in thirteen cities to tackle hard questions of the tech transition, share strategies, gain a deep insight into changes in the education market and network with peers. The Learning Counsel will be going city-by-city sharing the stories and tactics learned from the spring tour, a new briefing on the State of the Ed-Tech Market, and two new workshops. 

Attendance is already breaking 2016 records. Support from market leaders and school districts continues to grow for the Learning Counsel events as they help all fill-in answers and navigate the complexities of digital change. Release of the new “106 Characteristics of Digital Curriculum,” the Special Report on “Digital Transition Sustainability” and the new book by LeiLani Cauthen, The Consumerization of Learning, are all points of hot discussion.

The single-day workshops are called Digital Curriculum Sustainability Discussions, a theme acutely relevant for schools right now. (See the video below for more information.)


Annual Gathering: The national Gathering in Lake Las Vegas in November has one full day and two half-days of meetings, workshops, speakers, break-out sessions, a fire-side chat, awards dinner and excursion. The 2018 theme is Analytics, with special speakers on many other key topics.

Come join these day workshops with speakers and panelists from across the nation. Stay tuned as we calendar more contributors.

Sept. 12th -- San Diego, CA

Paulette Donnellon | Board Member | San Diego County Office of Education

Dr. Ben Churchill | Superintendent | Carlsbad Unified School District

Dr. Stacey Perez | Principal |Classical  Academy Online

Dan McDowell | Director of Instructional Technology | Grossmont Union High School District

Dr. Erin English | Director of 21st Century Teaching and Learning | Oceanside Unified School District

Sept. 14th -- Denver, CO

Judy Perez | CEO & Founder iLearn Collaborative

Dan Morris | Director | Colorado Digital Learning Solutions

Kahle Charles | Executive Director of Curriculum | Department of Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction | St. Vrain Valley Schools

Deagan Andrews | Director of Instructional Technology | Greeley-Evans School District 6

Sept. 19th -- Los Angeles, CA (North)

Scott Spector | Coordinator, Innovation & Academic Events | Santa Barbara County Office of Education

Tony Burrus | Chief Technology Officer | Compton Unified School District

Michelle Murphy | Superintendent | Rim of the World Unified School District

Greg Magnuson | Superintendent | Buena Park School District

Sept. 28th -- New York, NY

Jhone Ebert | Senior Deputy Commissioner for Education Policy | New York State Department of Education

Josh Koen | Chief Innovation Officer | New Jersey Department of Education

Dr. Stan Silverman | Director, Technology Based Learning Systems | New York Institute of Technology

Oct. 3rd -- Portland, OR

Dr. Drew Hinds | Director of Technology | Silver Falls School District

Zach DesJarlais | Director of Instructional Technology | Vancouver Public Schools

Carla Wade | Digital Innovations Lead |Oregon Department of Education

Oct. 5th --  Dallas, TX

Dr. Jasna Aliefendic | Technology Applications Coordinator |Garland Independent School District

Craig Gray | Director of Digital Learning | Region 10 Educational Service Center

Kimberly Lane, Nicole Taylor, Nicholas Keith | Blended Learning Specialists | Lancaster Independent School District

Oct. 17th -- Sacramento, CA

Barbara Nemko | Napa County Superintendent of Schools | Napa County Office of Education

Oct. 24th -- Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Sharon Shirley | Superintendent | Lake Ridge New Tech Schools

Jason Brames | Director of Technology |Avon Community Schools Corporation

Oct. 19th  --  Cheshire, CT  -- TBD

Oct. 26th --  St. Louis, MO -- TBD

Nov. 1-3, 2017 ANNUAL GATHERING, Lake Las Vegas Hilton, Henderson, NV

Nov. 16th -- Orlando, FL -- TBD

Nov. 30th -- Washington, D.C./ Baltimore -- TBD



The Learning Counsel’s mission is to help transform educational systems through digital curriculum strategies; enhance the creative construction of digital learning resources between teachers, administrators and publishers; and ultimately help all learners everywhere become more engaged in knowledge acquisition for life success.