Ready to “uberize” learning?  This is not the oh-so-two-years-ago “hybrid” learning you knew during the pandemic. 

This year at ISTE, the Leaning Counsel is teaming up with Cisco to help educators realize the benefits of Hybrid Logistics. Once defined as the traditional school model offering video conference attendance, or on-campus and digital homework study, Hybrid Logistics has been reimagined to be a structurally transformed education system through a new auto-cohorting technology. ​ This “uberization” known as Hybrid Logistics alters the use of time and space on campuses with sophisticated logistics that maximize personalization and unburdens teachers in an era of severe staffing shortages.  

One of the best ways to understand just how Hybrid Logistics works and how to use it in your own school or district is by playing the ​Personalized Hybrid Logistics Experience. The game, invented by the Learning Counsel, is a gigantic board game with people as the game pieces. In this game, the players move through a typical school day, gaining an understanding of a new type of learning workflow. The term workflow uses algorithms to auto-cohort and distribute materials based on pace and a school or teacher’s goals for learning. Student study time can be equitably distributed based on individual need in subjects while still intersecting regularly with live teaching. 

The good news is that the pandemic birthed this new technology which schools need now more than ever to avert mass student attrition and manage with fewer teachers amidst the biggest shortage in history.

The problem for most people is visualizing how it would work in real life. This was the task before the Learning Counsel as they prepared to join Cisco at ISTE, so they decided to utilize their Personalized Hybrid Logistics Experience Workflow Game.

This human board game looks a little like a giant game of “Twister,” but everyone moves on the board based on where they are at with which subject as a student.  Teachers roam or hold meetings of cohorts in multi-use classrooms.   In the game, a giant “House” room (think Harry Potter’s magical world with a sorting hat for which House students join). there is an adjacent rock-climbing wall, ping-pong, and yoga space to get kids moving if they reach their time limit on screen-learning. The game also includes a snack area, teacher offices, various classrooms, labs, meeting spaces for interactive whiteboarding or video collaboration, and spaces for new types of roles that would be needed for administration. 

 Education leaders play the Personalized Hybrid Logistics Experience Game


Schedule of Cisco/Learning Counsel Must-see events

Sunday, June 26th - Personalized Hybrid Logistics Experience

1:30-2:30 pm – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J

Experience the "uberization" of learning with personalized hybrid logistics workflow. Participate in the experiential session and earn your own light saber from the">EduJedi Leadership Society.

Pretend to be a student, administrator, or teacher in a dynamic demonstration of the future of learning. This professional development experience has already been played by district and school leaders nationwide and is now coming to ISTE through the partnership between Cisco and the Learning Counsel.  Don't miss this opportunity to physically experience the way days will flow, and what individual roles will be doing once advanced hybrid logistics unburdens teachers and administrators and brings global efficiencies found in  other industries through Cisco Transformational Network Logistics.


Monday, June 27th - Personalized Hybrid Logistics Experience Workflow Game

10:45-11:45 am – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J

12:30 – 1:30 pm – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J

2:00 – 3:00 pm – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J

3:30 - 4:30 pm – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J


Tuesday, June 28th - Personalized Hybrid Logistics Experience Workflow Game

10:45 – 11:45 am – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J

12:30 – 1:30 pm – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J

2:00 – 3:00 pm – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J


Tuesday, June 28th - EduJedi Networking Reception

5:00-6:30 pm – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J

Stroll the displays at the reception to discover the future of hybrid learning and transformational logistics networks.  Meet other educators from across the nation and our guests:

  • LeiLani Cauthen, Learning Leadership Society Grandmaster, CEO of Learning Counsel News Media & Research, Founder of Knowstory, and author of The Consumerization of Learning
  • Mary Schlegelmilch, MSEd., Education Advisor, U.S. Public Sector, State, Local and Education at Cisco, and former District administrator


Wednesday, June 29th - Personalized Hybrid Logistics Experience Workflow Game

10:45-11:45 am – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J

12:30-1:30 pm – Location: Room #338, 3rd Floor above Halls I-J


Experience Better Teacher Efficiencies and True Personalized Learning Paths

These activities will highlight a big new idea: hybrid logistics changes systemic inequities with a restructure of the use of space and time towards a personalized pace for every student. In this system, teachers can focus more of their time on direct instruction.​

The Learning Counsel has been an early proponent of Hybrid Logistics and is especially keen on helping schools use this model to combat the national teacher shortage.

A recent article by LeiLani Cauthen, Learning Counsel CEO, revealed that up to one million new teachers will be needed in 2022-2023, and these teachers are not likely to be found through traditional staffing methods. “Instead,” says Cauthen, “it’s time to rethink the learning delivery mechanism which requires certain ratios of teachers-to-students. The manufacturing-line model is under serious assault and schools must think with new directions. Converting all or parts of their curriculum to the new efficiencies of Hybrid Logistics rearranges time and space use while offering better personalization by teachers more succinctly using their essential skills. The Hybrid Logistics proposition allows those certified or credentialed faculties to be “stretched” but not overburdened.  This is the first model to deftly utilize human teaching more efficiently in a “middle-ground” between fully virtual and fully live-on-campus schooling.

Finding like-minded visionaries within the Cisco organization, the Learning Counsel has partnered with Cisco at ISTE, recognizing them as the source of vision on transformational networks that enable Hybrid Logistics. 


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