New York — Published by IESD Inc. in conjunction with STEM Market Impact LLC and MCH Data, the 2015 Business Report: National Survey STEM Education expertly provides insights into the changing landscape of science and STEM education. Essential for any product developer or marketer creating and selling products focused on K-12 science and STEM education, this 187-page report looks at the impact of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) on the future purchasing plans of science educators and administrators in the U.S. Approximately 5,000 science and STEM educators responded to the survey.

The report answers executives’ questions about funding priorities for STEM education, how the NGSS affects teaching, some of the biggest challenges facing STEM education today, the types of professional development desired by science educators, and the things purchasers look for when evaluating new curriculum materials. The full Table of Contents is available here.

Providing essential data to companies in the education marketplace, this report is a must-have for anyone needing to understand the trends in STEM teaching and learning. Christine Whelan, Chief Operating Officer at The Greaves Group, had this to say about the report: “Chock full of high quality, actionable data, this authoritative report provides a comprehensive look at where Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education is today, where it is heading, the challenges it faces and the good news about educator’s growing interest in more deeply imbedding STEM education across all grades. It also takes an important look at the impact of the Next Generation Science Standards on Core Curriculum, STEM spending and professional development.”

The report delves into the types of learning experiences educators want students to have and the learning objectives that are a priority today and in the future. When appropriate, data from this report are analyzed by respondents whose states are adopting NGSS, by grade level, and by role in education.

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