Advancing Global EDU, Inc. today announced an expansion of its strategic international partnerships with the addition of Fernando Valenzuela and his EdLatam Alliance in Latin America. Valenzuela’s organization will provide the Advancing Global EDU clients with access to 21 countries and more than 156 million young people under the age of 30.

The agreement and partnership will build upon the many years of collaboration with George DeBakey, Advancing Global EDU’s Strategic Advisor and his focus on the Middle East and Europe. Advancing Global EDU, founded in 2017, is now one of the few educational consulting firms to provide strategic growth services to education firms in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America in PreK-20.

Valenzuela’s experience in Latin America was a key factor in prompting the partnership, according to Michael Campbell, President of Advancing Global EDU.

“Fernando Valenzuela is a recognized leader in Latin America and a specialist in the digital transformation processes and has been selected as one of the most influential minds in the EdTech industry,” Campbell said. “With almost 10 percent of the world’s population in Latin America, U.S. education companies should be looking at this market for expansion, much like Latin American companies look to the U.S. and Canada for expansion.”

Valenzuela’s Edlatam Alliance, a leading firm of education consultants with presence in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Spain with a network of over 900 leaders in the region, is involved in the strategy of education, technology, social impact, and capital and resources. Currently his firm is engaged with high-profile firms, including the Aspen Institute Mexico, The Global EdTech Impact Alliance, and INVENT.

“Latin America is on the path of becoming the next powerhouse as our ecosystem is more integrated as a community, has strong commitment and the courage to make things happen,” Valenzuela said. “Partnering with Advancing Global EDU helps to gives our clients even more opportunities for growth.”

About Advancing Global EDU

Advancing Global EDU is a leading educational consulting firm with a focus on helping companies achieve growth through go-to-market strategies, product management consulting and International business development. Its client base includes Content2Classroom, Mrs. Myers Education Services, Burbio, IZAK9, and Digital Respons-Ability.