Charlotte, NC (Thursday, June 24, 2024)—Global edtech leader Discovery Education today announced plans to integrate a new, responsible, AI-powered assessment tool—Assessment Generator AI—into its award-winning supplemental K-12 cross-curricular solution, Discovery Education Experience. This exciting new capability will empower educators to leverage Discovery Education’s rich library of trusted content and efficacy-backed lessons to quickly and efficiently generate customized assessments tailored to meet learning objectives and state standards. 

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Available to Discovery Education Experience users this Fall, Assessment Generator AI is being created using cutting-edge AI technology acquired by Discovery Education from Early Works. Leaders in applied AI, generative content, and education, Early Works’ NLP Engineers, Designers, ML Researchers, and Product teams have built consumer and enterprise products used by tens of millions worldwide. 

“Early Works is excited to partner with Discovery Education to bring our advanced AI solutions into the classroom. This collaboration combines our best-in-class technology with Discovery Education’s exceptional content, giving educators powerful tools to enhance learning and deliver custom, professional-quality assessments every time they need them,” said Chris Sleat, Early Works Cofounder and Head of Product. 

Discovery Education’s new Assessment Generator AI will save educators time by providing them an unparallelled ability to pair best-in-class instructional content with assessments. Using a clean, intuitive interface and flexible workflows that do not require any knowledge of AI, Assessment Generator AI makes it easy for educators to create high-quality assessments in seconds that are tailored to reading level, Bloom’s Taxonomy, question type, and more. When this new feature comes online, every Discovery Education teacher will have everything needed in one place to deliver engaging lessons, differentiate instruction, and teach with confidence. 

“Innovation is woven into the DNA of Discovery Education,” said Brian Shaw, Discovery Education CEO. “We pioneered the use of streaming media in the classroom, created the first digital-first textbooks, or Techbooks, and we are now leaping ahead again with Assessment Generator AI. When available, Assessment Generator AI will merge our best-in-class content with cutting-edge AI technology to simplify assessment creation and save teachers time that they can now spend with students. We look forward to getting this exciting technology into the hands of educators nationwide and will look to integrate AI into our services in even more ways that save teachers time and effort.” 

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