FEV Tutor, the most comprehensive virtual tutoring solution in K-12, was selected as a 2022 Educators Pick Best of STEM Award winner in the “Bridging the Gap: Tutoring Programs for STEM” category. The 2022 Best of STEM Award provides EdTech companies with a fresh twist—an awards program judged by STEM educators for STEM educators: “The Educators Pick Best of STEM Awards.” Winners were announced on July 21 at the NSTA National Conference on Science Education. 

The awards program is run by market and product development company Catapult X in partnership with the Teich Group, the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) and MCH Strategic Data. “Three years ago, we created the awards program EdTech was missing—Educators Pick Best of STEM,” said Daylene Long, CEO and Founder of Catapult X. “The needs of educators are rapidly transforming as new teachers enter the field, administrators address learning loss, and educators search for modern solutions to engage students born as digital natives. This program is truly about creating connections between EdTech and the teachers they serve.” 

The Bridging the Gap series of awards acknowledges products and services that enable educators to help accelerate student learning. The evaluating judges stated, “FEV Tutor is what districts have been asking for—individualized tutoring plans that address all students’ needs. What sets it apart? FEV Tutors gives students access to 1:1 tutoring with individualized plans available 24:7. For districts, data are provided to measure that the program works!” 

FEV Tutor’s live 1:1 online tutoring program delivers personalized academic intervention and is designed to naturally extend the instruction delivered by a specific school or district. The company has a proven track record of success in providing students with individualized instruction where it’s needed most. In addition to allowing students to work with a preferred tutor from the company or request tutors on-demand, FEV Tutor offers a variety of evidence-based program models such as targeted instructional support, 24/7 homework and coursework support, targeted test prep and remote learning support. 

To accurately assess the effectiveness of interventions, FEV Tutor’s Academic Impact Analysis reports compare student response to the interventions with a district’s benchmark and assessment data. Those findings are regularly shared with teachers to help them evaluate student growth and course success as well as deliver data-driven instruction. 

“The Best of STEM Award recognizes companies with a deep understanding of educators’ evolving needs, so we are deeply gratified to have our tutoring programs named as a top solution,” said Daniel Hebert, Vice President of Innovation and Growth for FEV Tutor. “It’s further confirmation that we are indeed helping educators and their students – something we’re deeply committed to doing.” 


About Educators Pick Best of STEM

Educators Pick Best of STEM is an award program published by Catapult X in collaboration with the Teich Group, the National Science Teaching Association, and MCH Strategic Data. Winners are chosen solely at the discretion of science and STEM educators. For more information go to https://bestofstemawards.com


About FEV Tutor

Based in Boston, FEV Tutor is the leading research and evidence-based online tutoring platform working nationally to effect change in K-12 education. Its ESSA-approved programs are strategically designed in close collaboration with each partner school, district, charter school, and other organizations to accelerate learning for every student. FEV Tutor leverages technology to deliver 1:1 high-impact and transformative personalized learning pathways through live, virtual tutoring sessions. For more information on FEV Tutor, visit fevtutor.com or follow on Twitter