Grading has been made significantly easier for classroom teachers with the announcement of an integration of Follett Aspen Student Information System (SIS) with Google Classroom. Teachers using Google Classroom can now export their grades conveniently to Follett Aspen SIS.

“Grading with Google Classroom has never been easier now that it integrates with Aspen,” said Rachel Barnes, ELA teacher and instructional leader, Monomoy Regional High School in Chatham, Mass. “Instead of creating the assignment in Aspen and moving all the grades over manually, Google Classroom now does all of it for me, saving time and ensuring accuracy. With the click of the export button, I can count on all the grades I have just completed moving over to my gradebook, whether it’s many assignments or just one.”

With the integration, districts can now use Google Classroom for their day-to-day operations while still using Aspen SIS as the system of record. Among the other key benefits:

  • Teachers can use the interactivity of Google Classroom and generate report cards and transcripts from Aspen.
  • Teachers can still use complex grading rules in Aspen SIS yet keep it simple in Google Classroom.
  • The Google Classroom interface for teachers is simple to use for those without a need for a full featured gradebook.
  • Google Classroom offers integration with its entire suite of tools that can be leveraged in the classroom.
  • Google Classroom and Aspen SIS seamlessly integrate with other district systems.

“Teachers in my district are thrilled about the time they are now saving with the Google Classroom and Aspen integration,” said Lisa Ryan, technology integration and STEAM coach, Rockland (Mass.) Public Schools. “It has streamlined the process for teachers and students to use Google Classroom as the ‘one-stop shop’ resource for all of their communication, course materials, and assignments.”

Chris Porter, CEO of Follett School Solutions, Software, said Follett “continually gathers customer feedback and works to ensure our software supports the needs of our customers.”

“This is a great example,” Porter continued, “of how we leverage technology to streamline processes in the classroom.”

In painting a complete, data-driven picture of each student, the Aspen SIS is an adaptable tool providing districts with personalized reporting, standards-based grading, at-risk identification, enrollment, attendance, and scheduling. In a single, easy-to-maintain platform, Aspen enables districts to collect, organize, and report exactly the data they need.

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