With the addition of 180 new math lessons for grades 6–8, Learning Upgrade, an innovative ed tech company providing digital, differentiated literacy curriculum designed to support students during learning breakthroughs, now offers a full K-8 math curriculum on the Learning Upgrade App. Each Math Upgrade lesson is standards-aligned, and aimed to serve K-12 and adult learners striving to improve their math skills.

Math is a subject many learners struggle with. Learning Upgrade’s expanded mobile curriculum aims to help students in early elementary, middle school, and high school reach required standards. Math is also an important skill for adult learners who may have never learned basic skills.

The math lessons teach academic language and critical thinking skills, including how to solve real-world, multi-step problems. Lessons that include animation, dialog, and text help students understand math terms and allow them to work at their own pace until they reach mastery. Each course takes students 20–25 hours to complete.

“Although our lessons are often used with K-8 students, our courses have also proven to be beneficial for older students and adults who are learning basic math skills,” said Vinod Lobo, co-founder and CEO of Learning Upgrade. “A lack of these skills can hold learners back from opportunities to pursue a high school diploma, higher education or higher-paying jobs. With the flexibility of our mobile app, students of all ages are free to learn when they have time. They can put in 10 minutes here or there, and before they know it, they’ve mastered the required skills and completed a course.”

Educators design each mobile Math Upgrade course to include exciting songs, video, and games that engage even the most reluctant students as well as those lacking basic proficiency in the English language. Students are guided through a series of lessons to help them meet the rigors of Common Core and state standards as well as College and Career Readiness (CCRS) standards. Each lesson is interactive, differentiated, and provides practice problems accompanied by immediate intervention and remediation with multimedia supports. Students have the ability to repeat lessons until they master them, earning a gold certificate when they are proficient on each of the standard’s benchmarks.

“Adding these Math Upgrade courses to our mobile app was in response to overwhelming requests from our customers who take advantage of the freedom to learn anytime and anywhere,” said Lobo. “With a full math curriculum, we are able to provide even more students and adults the opportunity to master numeracy and achieve the American dream.”

The Learning Upgrade app has been named a top eight semifinalist in the $7 million Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE presented by Dollar General Literacy Foundation, a global competition challenging teams to develop mobile applications for adult learners that result in the greatest increase in literacy skills in just 12 months.

The app is available now on the Google Play Store and iTunes.