CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Linewize by Qoria, a global leader in child cyber safety & wellbeing, announces the appointment of Michael Hyndman as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Qoria, Linewize's parent organization. This strategic move underscores Qoria's unwavering commitment to fortifying its cybersecurity posture and ensuring the highest level of security for customers. 

"As a global leader in cyber safety and online wellbeing, security, privacy and customer trust are non-negotiable," says Tim Levy, CEO of Qoria. "Michael's leadership will ensure that Qoria's products remain trusted and competitive in the global marketplace."

Michael's proven leadership combined with his background as an accomplished ethical hacker positions him well to understand and continuously improve the security of Qoria and its products. 

"Qoria has one of the most important charters of the 21st century; supporting parents and schools with the ability to provide safe access to technology and it is a great privilege to play a pivotal role in this mission," says Michael Hyndman, CISO at Qoria. 

Michael's appointment will ensure Qoria continues to navigate the ever changing cyber security landscape maintaining the company's position on the leading edge of innovation and resilience.

About Linewize by Qoria

Built by a global team of education experts and former school IT administrators, Linewize by Qoria offers a web content filter, a student wellbeing and culture platform, threat detection tool, classroom management solution, and a proprietary online community program that provides resources and expert information on safety and digital wellbeing for families. These solutions harmonize to form a cohesive strategy, enabling school districts to better address the challenges of today's connected learning environments. 

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