Linewize, a division of Family Zone (ASX: FZO), a rapidly growing education technology company, today announced that Qustodio, its new parental control app, is now available for all School Manager and Classwize customers. As part of Linewize’s broader Community platform, Qustodio extends visibility, reporting and controls to parents and guardians into how their children are using school-issued devices, both at school and at home.

Qustodio provides parents with access to a variety of tools and resources, including a CIPA-compliant content filter enabled for school-issued devices at home, ongoing visibility and insights into their child’s online activity and device usage, and expert advice and guidance from digital safety experts. Additionally, parents can pause the Internet on school-issued devices when school is not in session – including holiday breaks and after school hours.

“We know that for most parents, staying on top of their children’s online activities can be a challenging, and oftentimes overwhelming, responsibility,” said Ross Young, executive vice president of Linewize. “We're launching Qustodio to help transform parents into confident online safety advocates and partners, ultimately creating a safer and more positive digital environment for all children.”

Linewize’s Community platform aims to empower schools and families to work together to keep students safe and healthy online. In addition to Qustodio, the Community platform offers an online safety hub featuring in-depth guides on complex, timely topics and educational webinars delivered by psychologist Teodora Pavkovic, director of community engagement with Linewize. During the webinars, Pavkovic provides key insights and advice on taking an active role in children’s digital lives.

“Promoting student safety and wellbeing takes a village, with schools, teachers and guardians all playing essential roles,” said Pavkovic. “By encouraging families and educators to come together as a team, we can work from all sides to help children learn and grow as digital citizens.”

Following a period of beta testing, more than four million parents have already used and trusted Qustodio. Parents with children at schools offering School Manager or Classwize can sign up for Qustodio using the email associated with their child’s school records.

Linewize announced Family Zone’s acquisition of Qustodio in May of 2022. To learn more about Qustodio, please visit the Linewize website.

About Linewize:
[Text Wrapping Break]A division of ASX-traded company FamilyZone, Linewize is a K-12 cyber safety management system and an emerging leader in the fast-growing global cybersafety and EdTech sector. Built by a global team of education experts and former school IT administrators, Linewize's comprehensive suite of tools and resources is designed to keep kids safe online and address a range of digital learning needs. Founded on the premise that promoting digital wellbeing in students goes beyond a simple content filter, Linewize offers products and resources that enable schools to partner with families in order to protect every child's digital journey, both in the classroom and at home. For more information, please visit