With the rise in online education, a growing number of students are seeking non-traditional options for high school. In addition to a flexible path to a diploma, students are looking for access to diverse, exciting, learning opportunities that not only meet their academic needs but also provide opportunities to explore career interests. To help students realize their potential in a safe, supportive online learning environment, Massachusetts Mayflower Academy (MMA), a full-time online private high school, is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year at https://go.vhslearning.org/applynow.

MMA is an accredited online high school powered by VHS Learning, a nonprofit providing high-quality online courses since 1996. For the 2022-23 school year, MMA offers its students more than 300 online courses, ranging from core subjects and unique electives to 25 Advanced Placement® courses and a variety of Honors options.

“Today’s students can choose from an array of learning options and customize their education and schedule to suit their own unique needs,” said Carol DeFuria, President & CEO of VHS Learning. “Massachusetts Mayflower Academy provides an engaging and challenging private school experience, entirely online, that helps students achieve their goals. Each student is assigned a learning coach that serves as their liaison to our program and helps ensure they stay on track. With our supportive environment and wide variety of high-quality courses that increase students’ love for learning and foster connections between students and teachers, students are well-prepared for college and future careers.” 

This fall, MMA will also offer several new courses including AP® ChineseChinese 3, Career Exploration and Readiness, Civics and U.S. Government, and Law and the U.S. Legal System.

The full-year Honors course, Chinese 3 will expand upon the skills and knowledge students developed in Chinese 1 and Chinese 2, while preparing them for the next level of Chinese language proficiency: AP® Chinese Language and Culture. By the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate intermediate-mid-level proficiency in Chinese pronunciation skills, conduct conversations on daily topics, and understand instructions in Chinese. Course participants will also gain insight into Chinese culture and discuss relevant, engaging subject matter.

In the Career Exploration and Readiness course, students will examine and discuss the skills employers seek. They will Identify their personal values and skills, and match them with potential career paths. In addition, course participants will investigate career essentials, such as writing an effective resume and networking, and design a career action plan. 

Students who enroll in Civics and U.S. Government will explore what makes an active citizen and the ways that all people can exercise their civic duties. Students will study civic processes, rules, and laws; examine civic and political institutions; and apply civic virtues and democratic principles. They will study the structure and function of federal, state, and local governments in the United States. Students will also participate in a civics project that will allow them to practice affecting change in their communities and taking informed action.

In the Law and the U.S. Legal System course, students will examine the structure and role of the American legal system in society. They will study the foundation, classification, and organization of law with a particular emphasis on criminal law and civil law, and they will explore the steps of a trial. The course will end with an examination of student and juvenile rights and laws.


About Massachusetts Mayflower Academy and VHS Learning

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is an accredited full-time online private school. The academy enrolls students from across the United States and around the world in its college preparatory diploma-granting high school program. Graduates have gone on to such prestigious colleges as Bates College, California Institute of the Arts, Temple University, and Boston University.

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is operated by VHS Learning, a nonprofit organization providing high-quality online high school courses since 1996. Certified teachers personalize each student's learning plan and provide access to more than 300 unique online courses, including 25 Advanced Placement® courses.  For more information, visit MassachusettsMayflowerAcademy.org