MassiveU, a digital education technology company focused on problem- and project-based, social learning, today announced the launch of its new digital learning platform. Solvably marries design thinking with real-world, collaborative and creative problem solving to equip learners with the skills demanded by the 21st Century workforce—creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. The launch comes as economics experts predict an $8.5 trillion global workforce development crisis.

Solvably offers a content library of 450+ interactive, standards-aligned challenges that span science, technology, engineering, art, math, English language arts, social studies, career and technical education, and professional development. Learners interact in teams, solving problems via real-time messaging and a collaborative environment. Upon completion, the learners evaluate their own, and their peers’, competencies. Supporting the entire process, instructors deliver formative feedback and assessment via embedded evaluations and rubrics, to further track the learning outcomes. Learners will also be able to privately message instructors in an upcoming feature.

"Our goal with Solvably is to address the workforce crisis by offering an experience that fosters student agency, collaboration, and other 21st Century skills, ironically found in popular gaming experiences and escape rooms," said Angelo Biasi, Founder and CEO of MassiveU. "This learning experience also draws directly from the competencies employers seek today, as well as in the future, and presents information in a way that's naturally engaging for learners. The whole point is to equip learners, from K-12 through career, with the creative problem-solving skills that are required in school, work and life, today and in years to come."

Learners progress through Solvably’s five interconnected creative problem-solving phases: discover, explore, imagine, create and reflect. The process enables them to engage with authentic challenges, conduct research, interpret findings, and brainstorm and present solutions while applying what they’ve learned. In addition to the library of pre-built, standards-aligned challenges, instructors, trainers and employers will have the ability to author and distribute their own custom challenges via a forthcoming wizard tool. Theoretical frameworks, such as Bloom's Taxonomy and Jonassen's typology of problems, are woven in to support pedagogically sound, high fidelity challenge creation.

Solvably will be available through third parties. Business partners interested in working with MassiveU to support learners in their lifelong journeys can contact them at

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