BEAVERTON, Oregon, June 26, 2024 — Vernier Science Education is launching the Cart Fan, an accessory for Vernier carts that provides high school and college-level students and educators with an easy way to conduct hands-on experiments involving constant acceleration. This modular fan, which can connect to both the Dynamics Cart and Track System Cart and the Go Direct Sensor Cart, enables students to explore constant acceleration, variable mass, variable thrust angle, and variable thrust and duration at the push of a button as they investigate important kinematics and dynamics concepts.

“The Cart Fan is a great accessory for any of our cart solutions, including our completely wireless Dynamics Cart and Track System with Go Direct Sensor Carts,” said Jill Hedrick, CEO of Vernier Science Education. “Students and educators no longer need to use an inclined track or surface to create constant acceleration with their carts—they can simply add one or more Cart Fans to increase thrust as they collect data and complete hands-on investigations.”

The Cart Fan attaches to various carts from Vernier Science Education using a mounting system. After the fan is attached, users can select a thrust level and duration and then press the Start button to begin operation. A total of three Cart Fans can fit on the mounting system to add up to three times more thrust and directional thrust. By varying the orientation of the fans, students and educators can additionally apply multiple opposing forces to a single dynamics cart and observe its motion.

With the addition of the Cart Fan, students can easily complete investigations that explore uniform acceleration, opposing forces, Newton’s second law, and more.

The Cart Fan includes both a rechargeable battery and charging cable for always-ready operation. It is also backed by Vernier product support and a five-year limited warranty.

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