BEAVERTON, Oregon, January 29, 2024 — Vernier Science Education is launching the Go Direct® Force Plate to provide a reliable way to collect a wide range of high-quality force data during hands-on investigations. With the new wireless force plate, middle and high school teachers and college instructors can engage physics and physiology students in kinesthetic learning through a number of investigations—including ones involving stepping, jumping, and other human-scale actions—and have them collect data that would not be possible with traditional force sensors.

“The new Go Direct Force Plate is designed to withstand and measure much greater forces than our Dual-Range Force or Go Direct Force and Acceleration sensors,” said John Wheeler, CEO of Vernier Science Education. “With the new Go Direct Force Plate, students can test each other's hang time or even the impulse needed to move a stationary car. These are the types of experiences that help solidify students' understanding of phenomena.”

The Go Direct Force Plate features several additional channels for determining hang time and jump height when jumping on the force plate. This robust design, combined with fast sampling and wireless connectivity, provides superior performance when students are capturing forces of human-scale activities. Sample investigations that can be conducted with the Go Direct Force Plate include observing the change in normal force during an elevator ride, measuring the impulse delivered by the floor during a jump, measuring the reaction force as a student leans against a wall, and more.

Like all Go Direct technology, the Go Direct Force Plate connects directly to each student’s mobile device, Chromebook™, or computer using the Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro app. It can be used wired via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth® wireless technology, allowing educators to choose the solution that fits best for their classroom or laboratory.

The Go Direct Force Plate includes a rechargeable battery, providing always-ready operation when the sensor is being used wirelessly. It is also backed by the Vernier product support and warranty.

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