Press play on the U.S. Presidents. The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site is announcing the launch of the 2nd annual Project POTUS, an opportunity for students in grades 6th-8th across the nation to put their research, writing and video editing skills to the test.

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Since the founding of our nation, there have been nearly half a billion American citizens. Of those, over 12,000 of us have served in Congress. Just 115 have become Supreme Court Justices. Only 46 citizens have become President of the United States. There’s something exceptional about each POTUS – good, bad, or otherwise. And the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site wants students’ help to tell the world why … in one minute or less.

Project POTUS calls on students to research an American President and create a one-minute video representing the president selected. Student videos are then submitted for review by a citizen jury, who will select a winning video project for each American president. The results from the Project POTUS initiative will be featured in the’46 Presidents in 45 Minutes,’ a compilation of students’ winning projects to be released following the closing of the contest in May 2023.

Students will have the opportunity to compete for 45 prizes - 1 per president, with the grand prize winner receiving an award of $500.

Submissions can begin on Presidents Day, February 20, 2023 and are due by tax day, April 18, 2023.

Mission details can be found at

More than 250 students around the country competed in 2022. The grand prize of $500 was awarded to Batchelor Middle School student Oscar McDermott-Sipe from Bloomington, IN for a witty portrayal of underknown POTUS #13, Millard Fillmore. Other student winners were from states including Virginia, Kentucky, California and Indiana. View winning videos from 2022 at

75+ virtual Presidential Site volunteers, the Project POTUS Citizen Jury, evaluated student projects from many corners of the U.S. and even from one foreign country. In 2023, Project POTUS HQ looks forward to welcoming back past Citizen Jurors and welcoming new jury members, from near and far, to help allocate over $5000 worth of awards for outstanding middle school scholarship in presidential history. A full list of awards students can earn in the contest can also be found at

Middle school teachers who visit and use the form to indicate that their classroom will participate in 2023 can score a free top-secret classroom gift from the Presidential Site.

Members of the public who are interested in participating in Project POTUS can contact Molly Beausir at to inquire about the Citizen Juror role, and stay tuned for information about how you can vote on exceptional student projects for the Citizens’ Elect Award in May 2023.