Scribbles Software, a leading provider of K-12 records and enrollment software, has expanded to higher education with the creation of ScribForward, a new document management tool that helps colleges and universities streamline management of student application documents. The platform will replace UConnect from Scribbles Software, and features both a free version, or an upgraded paid version with more robust features. Institutions can sign up for ScribForward at

ScribForward provides admissions departments with a secure, organized online portal for all student application documents, including letters of recommendation, transcripts and more. Colleges and universities can:

  • Receive records and application documents from students across the country
  • Be notified when new documents have been received via automated email
  • Filter document lists by status, date received, and other criteria
  • Export documents from a single student into one file
  • Audit and track all document and administrative duty activity
  • Control user access so student data is secure and private
  • And more.

“The college application process is already difficult and stressful enough for both students and college admissions departments without them having to worry about the potential for misplaced or lost application documents,” said Marshall Simmonds, Scribbles’ vice president of sales. “Scribbles has a long-history of providing K-12 schools with best-in-class software to manage student applications, enrollment records, transcript requests, and more. We saw a similar need to support higher education admissions departments in handling the voluminous number of student application documents they receive each year. ScribForward now makes the process for institutions easier, more efficient, and secure. Students can feel confident their application documents will get to their colleges of choice securely and efficiently.”

Currently, 4,400 colleges, universities, and technical/vocational institutions receive transcripts and documents through the Scribbles e-transcript network. In April 2023, Scribbles Software partnered with PowerSchool, the provider of Naviance eDocs to allow students and schools to use Scribbles and Naviance to send digital transcripts to colleges and universities with the click of a button.

Now, with ScribForward, higher education institutions can easily manage, store and track those documents, streamlining the process and providing peace of mind that these important documents are being handled efficiently and securely.

To learn more about ScribForward, visit

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