Sendsteps, one of the leading interactive presentation platforms for businesses, education and events, announced the launch of its first-time-ever AI-powered interactive presentation tool. This innovative new feature revolutionises how professionals from across industries present, leveraging AI technology to make them more engaging and dynamic than ever before.

With AI-powered technology, is the pioneering AI presentation maker that can generate presentations with engagement features like voting, live Q&A and word clouds 10x faster. All you need to do is provide your topic, audience, language and length, and takes care of the rest. It adds interactive elements throughout the presentation, ensuring your audience stays engaged and enables them to respond in real time.

“We are thrilled to launch, the first ever AI-powered interactive presentation tool for businesses, education and events,” said Mike Coumans, co-founder of Sendsteps, “Since 2008, we have evolved from serving large events with prominent figures like the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama, and Richard Branson to a SaaS-based company that allows everyone to use their platform to engage and interact with their audience. Everyone should be allowed to share their voice and opinion. That is why we have made with the vision of enabling greater inclusion, engagement and collaboration. With, we enable users to create interactive presentations tailored to their audiences and track their engagement in real-time.” He added, “We have grown 15 times, adding more users in the past two weeks than ever before, and we look forward to seeing the impact has on the presentation experience. We are confident that this technology will revolutionise how users engage with their audiences and bring a new level of interaction, engagement and cooperation to the presentation experience.”

Providing a library of customisable themes and templates, helps create a unique and engaging presentation by adding images, videos, and other visual elements to make your presentation stand out. All you have to do is type in your topic and let take care of the rest! With features such as analytics, surveys, and polls to measure the success of presentations, users can collect valuable feedback from viewers and incorporate it into their presentations in real-time. With, businesses and professionals can confidently present and create powerful presentations that are sure to impress.

See what can do for you and your presentations today! Visit Sendsteps.

Fundraising Initiative

Sendsteps is actively seeking funding to support the growth and development of the company. With the global launch of their first-ever AI interactive presentation tool for businesses, education, and events, they have a unique product with tremendous potential. We are looking for investors who share

our vision of revolutionising how we present and engage with audiences worldwide. Interested parties are encouraged to contact us for more information on our fundraising goals and investment opportunities.

About Sendsteps is the first AI-powered tool that makes creating presentations fast and easy. It uses AI algorithms to analyse data and create visually appealing slides perfect for presentations. With, content creators can create presentations up to 10x faster than traditional methods, saving time and effort.