CALGARY, AB - November 16, 2023SMART Technologies is proud to announce the launch of the company’s latest innovation for education: the SMART Board® RX series. This revolutionary display is designed with accessibility in mind and provides teachers with the tools they need to make learning more engaging for students, while saving precious time for teachers, too. This performance display comes with optically bonded glass and a multi-color stylus for an effortless inking experience, as well as leading student device integration, putting it in a category of its own.

At the heart of the SMART Board RX series are the features and functionality, purposefully designed to help make classroom time higher quality time and engage all students in inclusive and accessible learning experiences. Most notably, the RX series comes with SMART’s exclusive Tool Explorer® technology that enables all students - including those with diverse learning needs - to actively engage with content and easily communicate with their peers and teachers.

Tool Explorer digitally recognizes blocks that come in pre-programmed sets with images such as emojis that can help enable social and emotional learning. The blocks are also programmable, giving teachers or students the ability to program any image onto a block. Tool Explorer provides a unique way for students to communicate and participate – including those students who are non-verbal, those who struggle to hold a pen or to write, and those who require or simply prefer different methods of communication. Tool Explorer is only available with the SMART Board RX series.

The SMART Board RX series is Google EDLA certified, giving users native access to the Google Play™ store, Google Classroom, Chrome™ Browser, and other Google services so that teachers can have all their favorite apps at their fingertips. It comes with a completely refreshed embedded experience - iQ 4.0. The new version of iQ is designed to simplify workflows for teachers and make lessons engaging for students.

The RX series also includes SMART's exclusive ability for continuous differentiation of all interaction types, which enables multiple users to intuitively write, erase, and touch at the same time, without interfering in each other’s work for a truly collaborative experience.

"The SMART Board RX series represents a major leap forward in classroom technology," said Nicholas Svensson, CEO of SMART Technologies. "Our goal was not just to create another interactive display but rather an investment that helps to create inclusive, accessible classrooms that will stand the test of time.”

The SMART Board RX series offers an array of features, including:

  • Android 13 for enhanced security and smooth performance, with expandable storage up to 576GB.
  • Optically bonded glass which provides a smooth, precise inking experience and unmatched viewing clarity.
  • Simultaneous Tool Differentiation so multiple students can intuitively collaborate at the display together.
  • An all-new multi-color LED stylus for easier color switching and simple, intuitive inking with color built right into the pen.
  • NFC and QR code-based sign-in with one-click sign-out for added security and convenience.
  • Integrated sound bar with two 20W speakers and a 15W subwoofer.
  • New environmental and air quality sensors including a particulate matter sensor and volatile organic compounds sensor.
  • All the software educators need, for free.

The SMART Board RX is designed to serve districts for years to come. The RX series has an energy-efficient design that is designed to be a sound investment for many years. Automatic over-the-air updates keep customers up to date with new features, patches, and operating system upgrades—keeping pace with market trends and new options and features without spending budget on a new display. Schools and districts can get more out of their technology investment and continue to deliver high-quality learning experiences for years to come.

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