LeiLani Cauthen of Learning Counsel News stopped to interview David Cisneros, the National Director or Content and Implementation at Curriculum Associates during ISTE.

Cauthen mentioned that a big thing about digital curriculum is that teachers and administrators need to actually see what digital curriculum is doing by experiencing it themselves, in order to understand that it is aimed at saving teachers time and bringing back their humanity. She asked that the discussion focus on aspects of this balancing of tech and humanity.

Cisneros started off talking about how teaching and learning typically stratifies learners by tiers one through three, with one being just about everybody, two being a bit more specified, and three being the most in need students. “We typically focus on tier three the most [with teaching by the nation’s teacher’s], and those students are the most at risk.” Ciscneros went on to say that Curriculum Associate’s focus is to make that easier, and to apply to all students at all tiers, by giving teachers manageable information to then use curriculum at point of need, allowing acceleration or remediation. This makes what they are doing a “more humane,” or human-oriented approach to curriculum.

Listen in as Cisneros also talks about instructional leadership.

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