There is both an art and a science to making presentations for your district. In this presentation, Dr. Todd Fouche, Deputy Superintendent, Frisco Independent School District shares both his presentation and his thinking, as well as the many different nuanced versions you will need for your own presentations.

But there is more. Frisco Independent School District is a model of a successful, high growth district – building 75 schools in a 32-year span. This is a fascinating look at the district, and Dr. Fouche’s presentation is one to be admired and emulated. In today’s modern era, it is important to consistently sell and promote the positive attributes of your district. The competition is fierce on all sides, and you are standing at the brink.

You won’t want to miss a minute of this extremely entertaining and enlightening presentation. Though Dr. Fouche may say there is nothing special about the Metroplex except the toll road, once you see the video, you’ll understand that there is one thing that is special: everything. Tune in and enjoy. And you’ll have what you need for every future presentation, and more.