In a thought-provoking presentation at the Learning Counsel Learning Leadership Symposium, Dr. Olga Romero, Executive Director of Leadership (Elementary) at Fort Worth ISD, delved into the delicate balance between humanity and technology in education. Under the theme of "becoming human alongside tech," Dr. Romero explored the responsible use of technology to enhance the learning experience and enrich our daily lives.

Dr. Romero began by challenging the common perception that technology may make us less human, superhuman, or even posthuman. Instead, she proposed a different perspective – that through the tools we create, we become more human. Her presentation aimed to shed light on the idea that responsible and purposeful use of technology can contribute to the development of essential human qualities rather than diminishing them.

Drawing a parallel to the process of learning to write an essay, Dr. Romero highlighted the time-consuming journey required to develop critical thinking, organizational skills, and a facility for personal expression. She encouraged the audience to reflect on the value of traditional processes that have shaped human creativity over time. The analogy served as a word of caution, emphasizing the importance of appreciating the timeless aspects of human expression and skill development.

While acknowledging the significance of traditional methods, Dr. Romero prompted attendees to consider the potential benefits of responsible tech integration. She posed a crucial question: What if technology, specifically tools like Chat GPT, were employed responsibly to instantly personalize lesson plans? This shift, she argued, could humanize the educational experience in ways that traditional, industrialized classroom approaches might not.

Highlighting the potential of Chat GPT, Dr. Romero encouraged educators to envision its responsible use as a means to personalize lesson plans for each student in a class instantly. This, she argued, aligns with the goal of creating a more personalized and humanized learning environment, challenging the limitations of traditional classroom structures.

Referencing an article from The Atlantic, Dr. Romero shared insights on how tools like Chat GPT can empower millions to visually express ideas and communicate in new ways. The article, exploring the perspective on technology as a step forward for humanity, offered a broader context for the discussion.

Dr. Olga Romero's presentation at the Learning Counsel Learning Leadership Symposium sparked contemplation on the intricate relationship between humanity and technology in education. By navigating the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, Dr. Romero encouraged educators to consider the responsible integration of technology as a means to enhance the human experience. As the education landscape continues to evolve, her vision serves as a guiding beacon for leveraging technology in ways that not only preserve but enhance our essential human qualities.

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