We bring you another episode of the Horizon Room’s Open Mic series, an opportunity for the education community to take part in a high-profile discussion on the vital issues facing education.

Your hosts, Learning Counsel News Media and Research CEO LeiLani Cauthen and Learning Counsel CAO Chris McMurray, together with an all-star cast including Assistant Superintendent Kahle Charles, Associate Superintendent Jeff McCoy, Director of Technology Karla Burkholder and EdTech expert Gisela Silva Albuquerque Weise, deconstruct the issue of an overabundance of K-12 Digital Inventory, and the data safety implications therein.

As McMurray, tongue-in-cheek, puts it, “We just bought a bunch of stuff and we released it into the wild and we didn't tag it and we didn't have a great idea of how we were going to measure the efficacy of it. And, yet, it's all out there, and now we’ve got to wrangle it back in. So, all of a sudden, have huge spikes in resource availability. Where are you now in terms of experiencing this sort of glut of technology? And how did you get to a place where it's much more manageable?”

Don’t miss this wide-open, star-studded episode of the Horizon Room with Chris McMurray, LeiLani Cauthen, et al. It’s can’t miss podcasting, and you’ll get video to boot.