It’s been quite a journey for the Fort Zumwalt School District R-II in Missouri. In fact, According to Nick Cusumano, Director of Instructional Technology, it has been an adventure. “You might have a kid who might be out on quarantine one or two times during a school year. So definitely having Canvas there to help us through that process was something essential that we needed. And I don't think we've done that with Google classroom, not to the level that we were able to during the summer, because, we needed to provide a place for those elementary students to learn if they weren't coming face to face. We really looked at the elementary curriculum that was out there and we'd have the strong elementary. We looked at all of them just to see what was out there. And we decided that we could now use Canvas to create our own elementary curriculum. So, that definitely was a little bit of adventure and made a very busy summer.”

Listen as Cusumano takes you through their decision-making. You’ll find a number of tricks and strategies you can use, and you’ll find out which technologies are working best for the district.