If Orlando ever has a best-of-the-best education video reel, this one is sure to make the cut.

According to Addison Davis, Superintendent at Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida, “In education, we never know the cards that we will be dealt. Our job is to roll up our sleeves, find proactive solutions, and work every single day on behalf of children and not adults. So today, we'll talk about the profound shifts needed to lead outside the pandemic. How do we empower our employees? How do we empower our staff? What do we do logistically? What do we do from a foundational piece? How do we incorporate technologies and how do we strengthen our work to create the greatest optimism and belief systems that we have, and where you move at the speed of trust!

That’s Addison Davis. New to Hillsborough County, but definitely not riding in his first rodeo.

Hillsborough has a longstanding tradition of recruiting from within, and Davis likes to remind you he is “the first outsider in 50 years, and therefore, it is hard creating systemic change in our school district in Hillsborough County.” But that is exactly what Davis has done.  “The way we've done business and the way Hillsborough did business in the last 50 years, we have to be able to create change,” said Davis. “And every single day, we do that through selectively abandoning processes, validating best works in an effort to be able to create the greatest moments of learning every single day within, within our school district.”

So far, Davis has backed up every word. You’ll want to watch this fascinating video; it is 30 minutes’ worth of sizzling education discussion, so full of good ideas that it is guaranteed to leave you three hat sizes too small, and that has our haberdasher’s money back guarantee.