Learning Counsel CEO LeiLani Cauthen recognized 29 Teacher Winners for this year’s National Digital Transition Survey Award winners at the 2023 Virtual National Gathering. This year, five different categories of proficiency were celebrated, including Ace, Gainer, Adept, Scholar, and Maestro.

This year’s highest honor, Maestro, was reached by only two teachers, J Harmon from Delaware Community Schools in Muncie, Indiana and Liana Gertzer from Clarkstown High School North in New City, New York.

Other winners included Ace winners Jessica Cook-Furst, Ilham samhouri, Lynda J Sperry, and Ana García De Vinuesa; Gainer Winners Veronica Pallos, Michele Rhodes, Natorsha R. York, Janis L Townsend and Denise Griffin; Adept Winners B. Bey, Bonnie Cox, Monica Kinlacheeny, Mary Meyer, Christy Cardwell, Jennifer Goodin, Brenda Sharp and Rachel Witten; Scholar Winners Chelsea McKinney, Alexandra Steinruck, Lisa Levy, Peter Herz, Merie Candelario-Rossbach, Adam Thompson and Ellen St. Clair.

Chris McMurray, Chief Academic Officer at the Learning Counsel said, “I love hearing the teachers’ perspective because that's where rubber meets the road. To hear from teachers who are themselves rockstars is inspirational. This is dedication at its finest, and these Teachers are a big reason their schools and districts have realized the kind of successes that they have.”