Horizon Room Season 2, Episode 5: Defining a Vision for Learning Doesn't Require a Crystal Ball

When: Jun 14, 2023

Where: Live Webcast

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3:00pm - 4:00pm Eastern

In this season we’re continuing the journey with leaders in education and providing experience and learning around critical mindset shifts necessary to remain relevant in today’s evolving definition of “school.” We’ll jump in with an examination of Digital Arts and Sciences as it relates to the survival of our schools in the information age and then follow pathways to address transformational change from a range of perspectives. 

This isn’t magic, but without a clearly articulated vision for a learning organization, efforts become fragmented and less effective. Plus, it’s just frustrating to know that while all the discrete pieces of work are worthy, they seem disjointed and forward progress is difficult, if not impossible, to measure. Well-crafted visions show up in successful schools in roadmaps, graduate profiles, and strategic priorities which then are evident in the cohesive work done throughout the system. Join us in Episode 5 as we learn from school leaders that have articulated a vision that is working. What are the steps and where do you start?

Expert Contributors


Dr. Michael Robert, Superintendent, Osborn SD (AZ)


Dr. Jennifer Blaine, Superintendent, Spring Branch ISD (TX)


David Miyashiro, Superintendent, Cajon Valley (CA)


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