The High Cost of Vaping in Schools

Few issues have impacted American schools as quickly as vaping; it may in fact be the greatest preventable health crisis ever. And the real cost has yet to be measured. Aside from the headline-grabbing deaths over the past year and the recent news that vaping may leave students more susceptible to severe illness from COVID 19 and other viral infections, the ongoing expense of treating a generation of nicotine-addled patients may take a lifetime to assess. But the costs run even deeper. There is the drain on faculty resources, the drain on teacher resources, the cost of student suspensions and its impact on achievement and graduation rates, the subsequent decline in school ratings and the inevitable decline in property values and tax revenues. Lawsuits, which are happening across America, often require a cash outlay of a million dollars or more. And hiring additional counselors and nurses can be a seven-figure cost on top of other expenses. Many superintendents privately confess they are at their wit’s end. But help is here.

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