Re-Knit Networks for the Remodeled Campus

What happens when the digital incursion of devices and software starts amping up the mobility of students? Starts causing rearrangement of classroom furnishings while network cables form trip hazards everywhere? Starts altering expectations of access even from student’s homes? Better internet is, in truth, the act of re-knitting your networks. Calling it “re-knitting” provides an apt image of the threads of coverage in schools, and questions how well they are held together. It’s also a good way to describe what your network professionals have to do. First, they have to somewhat unravel what is there that is inadequate, and then they have to re-do certain parts, or many of the parts, as they work to meet new demands and prepare for more in the future. Download this Journal Poster and learn about what three different schools did as they journeyed along the road of more devices and digital curriculum. Download the Poster:

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