Student Retention: A Richer Learning Experience

Today, Student Retention Demands a Richer Learning Experience Here’s how you can compete: Enrollment loss hits everyone hard. There are few easy answers and a lot of questions that need to be answered. Why is enrollment in such steep decline? Will this trend accelerate? If left unabated, how much enrollment loss is possible? And perhaps the most important question of all: What is needed to bring our students back? First and foremost, students are leaving traditional public schools seeking a richer learning experience. And family concerns about student safety are fueling the exodus away from the traditional school experience to a richer, more consumer-like learning experience. These concerns can now be realistically answered by almost any school or district in America. The richer experience learners crave, as well as a safer learning environment is easily available within the traditional school setting. School and district leaders are fortifying their networks to deliver ever-increasing student opportunities. Almost everything that is available to students at home, in private schools or in charter organizations is also available for students attending traditional public schools. With an understanding of the opportunities available and the types of rich learning experiences students are selecting through alternative schooling, savvy administrators can match and even surpass those experiences, eliminating the reasons parents are moving their children to alternative schooling. For more information, download our free Journal Poster: WHAT'S INSIDE Download the Poster:

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