Unlock Limitless Learning

Because tomorrow’s leaders are sitting in our classrooms today. There has never been a time in history when it was more possible to unlock limitless learning for students of all ages. Even the youngest learners now have an opportunity to engage in meaningful learning. Previously, we would ask young learners, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Now we can simply ask, “What would you like to do?” Children are finding learning pathways, collaborating with others across the globe and making real-world contributions. At the same time, their teachers, parents and grandparents are enriching their own lives, those in their communities, friends and strangers across the world. Personalized tools are leveling the playing field by granting access for the first time to learners whose individualized learning styles and abilities once precluded them from an equal access to education. Collaboration tools are linking learners with ease, creating synergy and encouraging creative thinking and problem solving. In education, silos are breaking down, merging professional learning, technology and curriculum into one powerful stream of teaching and learning. The only limit that still exists is our own imaginations. Download this Journal Poster to find out how three groups are unlocking limitless learning. WHAT'S INSIDE Download the Poster:

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