People love our Lunch and Learn presentations. It is an opportunity for the Learning Counsel to recommend needed products and services to our districts. In this Lunch and Learn presentation, Lyle Dadian, Director of Instructional Technology at ClassLink shares information about ClassLink’s solutions to Access, Rostering and monitoring Student Engagement. According to Dadian, “We help students and teachers primarily with single sign-on and access to files remotely. So, a student would sign into a web-based portal, and then once they're signed in, they're taken to their launchpad, and that launch pad has the applications that that person needs based on his or her schedule. And it's adaptable down to the individual person. You can customize and personalize that down to the individual student. How do we help leaders? We help leaders with analytics. Who is using what, how often things are being used. You can look at an individual level, a classroom level, a building level, a district level, and it really helps you pinpoint in and focus your professional development based on who is, or who isn't, using things.

“It will also help you determine a return on investment. We're paying for this many seats, how many seats are actually being used and if they're not, why not? If they're not, who's not. And if it's a core product, math, reading or science, you're going to want to make sure that that is being used. And if it's a supplemental type of product, well, maybe you don't need to buy 500 digital seats anymore. You're using 200. So, whittle it down to 200 or 225, take the savings and apply it somewhere else.”

“A student comes in on day one and within 24 hours, that student has access to all the applications that he or she needs based on the grade and the subjects that student is taking. So that's great. And with our parent portal, we can replicate that same experience that we do for your students, for your staff or your administrators, with your parents. Your parents would be signing into applications that they would need. So maybe it's a SIS infinite campus or Skyward, and they need to check on their student's grades, or maybe they need to pay a bill. There's an application that they would need to sign into.”

ClassLink is a wonderfully simple program to use with an amazing amount of utility. And for access, rostering and understanding student engagement, it really has no equal. It comes highly recommended from the research department at the Learning Counsel, and at this point, its list of satisfied customers can be counted in the millions. Interested? Watch the video and see for yourself.


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