AI Futures in Education

Air Date: April 16, 2024

What could happen when all the artificial intelligences converge? That’s just part of this conversation between Serena Saks-Mandel, the Global CTO for Education at Microsoft, and LeiLani Cauthen. Starting of with introducing her not-associated-with-Microsoft new book, “Empowered: Frame your Narrative, Own your Power” available now on Amazon. Like in all things from Serena, the stories have high energy and resonance for anyone – a powerful light and lesson is shown in this book to take away from its many mini-stories. In this podcast, after LeiLani brings up Serena’s new book, the conversation naturally turns to the need for educators to see the future is first and foremost going to be a balancing act of becoming more resolutely human, a time of perfecting our human-ness. Four other future leaning predictions are made in a jumble you need to listen closely to discern – plus seven types of AI including machine learning, generative, recommendations engine, voice, vision, embedded (IOT) and spatial-temporal. Hear what Serena and LeiLani have to say happens when it all comes together. (Audio only and video versions)

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