A Conversation about Hybrid Logistics

Air Date: June 19, 2021

Longtime friend and great intellect Drew Hinds, Executive Director of Technology Services from Huntington Beach City School District in California, discusses with LeiLani the idea of Hybrid Logistics as an answer to the huge disruption of how schools use time and space now.  The student requirement for significant flexibility is here, and what does that mean for schools?  What does personalization really mean now, since the pandemic?  LeiLani mentions the “real definition” of personalization comes from the consumer world.   Drew goes further and indicates he believes a digital wrap-around of A.I.-driven resources unique to students, while still having a need for human interface, is on the horizon.  “Teachers would say they can differentiate,” says Drew, “it involves trying to shoot towards the middle,” for students.  “But it’s always to the middle…” 

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