Dawning of Schools as Hubs of Tutoring Sourcing

Air Date: June 3, 2024

What does it mean to school leaders and teachers to intersect students with what they need to achieve when the existing schedule already overwhelms teachers? When there is no time to catch students up or challenge ones far ahead, something must be done or the likelihood of losing those students to alternatives or dropping out is high. The dawning of change in the structure of schooling includes novel approaches to sourcing tutoring to overcome learning loss, absenteeism, behavioral issues, and expectations of full personalization for every learner. It used to be that easy scheduling was a difficult proposition – but no longer so with AI. In this discussion with Anthony Salcito, Chief Institution Business Officer with Varsity Tutors, Leilani learns about Varsity Tutors and their mission to help schools gain, without compromise, on their objectives by becoming a sourcing hub leveraging some 40,000+ tutors.

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