Practical Ways to Make Literacy Instruction More Equitable

Air Date: May 13, 2022

In this episode of the Learning Leadership Society Report, your Host LeiLani Cauthen speaks with Carrie Doom and Michele Pulver, both with Lexia Learning. With no holds barred, Cauthen lays it on the line, asking the team from Lexia, “Why is literacy at the heart of educational equity?” 

According to Pulver, “Literacy is at the heart of equity because it's the foundation of everything that we ask our students to do. 85 percent of what we present to students is based in text. Kids have to be able to read to participate in classroom activities, classroom instruction, and to be ready for college and career. We know that the educational landscape is not equitable right now. We know now, looking backwards at the pandemic; it shined a glaring light on the fact that access to technology is not equal.” 

Doom added, “having a high-quality educator, not by chance, but by design, is critical, knowing that best practices that are rooted in neuroscience and cognitive science in the way that we teach children to read, and teaching children to read is the key that unlocks the door to opportunities across their lifetime.”  

Don’t miss this critical podcast: get the facts. 

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