Towards Real Transformation

Air Date: May 13, 2022

In this episode of the Learning Leadership Society Report, your Host LeiLani Cauthen speaks with Chris McMurray, the Learning Counsel’s new Chief Academic Officer. As the Learning Counsel begins direct engagements with schools and school districts, Chris McMurray will take the point and help guide them towards real transformation. According to Cauthen, “There's a new future being built. First, there's a teacher shortage and almost every single district was talking about that. And the few that weren't were experiencing other elements of the perfect storm, which is they're losing students, there's an attrition to the homeschooling movement and alternatives, that is just massive.”

“The reason we're deepening the service level from the Learning Council to school systems is because they need help, somebody to come alongside who not only has the crystal ball, but also has the implementation experience to do the things now required of school systems, said McMurray. “We've put together a nice package of supports, including Advisory Schools and Hybrid Logistics, within our Innovation Services, a division of the Learning Council that provides those much needed consultative advisory services.”

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