Going Digital: Speeding Past Strategy, Turning into Tactics

Discernment between curriculum materials has always been the job of educators. Today it is important to discern whether digital learning objects are granular or systematized. Where are they on a scale of curated free document-type lesson plans and home-built learning objects via build-curriculum-yourself customization software (authorware) versus professionally coded courseware? We must answer if either approach has all the elements of rigor.

In this Special Report we delve deeper into how to think about digital resources and how leaders and teachers alike can create a method to evaluate all their options.

In this issue:

  • Evaluating Digital Curriculum as We Speed Beyond Strategy and Into Tactics
  • The Digital Curriculum Evaluation Matrix
  • Beyond the Buzzwords: Defining Effective Classroom Transformation
  • How to Make “Life-Ready” Graduates
  • On the Road: Fall Tactics Events

Download the Special Report and join us for a deep dive into the digital curriculum shift, how to chart your path and views of success across the country.

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