Special Report: Apptastic!

In the school world, we are at a moment of decision-making and divergence, often misidentified as having to choose between online learning or classroom blended-with-tech learning. But it’s not that cut and dried anymore. What parents crave is an alternative function and organization of learning, an admixture of digital-first personalized learning juxtaposed with real world experiential learning – without our tendency to insist on strict adherence to schedules. In order to be successful, schools need to reverse engineer education from the tech side backwards, recreating learning so it fits neatly into the present age. But how can we make that happen?

If you are an administrator in any school or district, it’s important to understand that you are now the leader of a digital-first organization, and your physical environment and staff are vital parts of that equation. When you get to the point that your site and software carry the bulk of the delivery of learning, just like other industries, schools will be able to naturally leverage their people and physical location to much greater effect, and in addition actually lower costs. That’s the power of becoming Apptastic.

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