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Making Use of the After School Window for Wellness

According to the Afterschool Alliance , 6 in 10 parents are more concerned about their children’s emotional wellbeing than they were before the pandemic. Friendships and social connections are...

Tamara Fyke

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Breaking the Cycle: Retain Teachers through Human Interaction

The complexity in the educational field lies in the harsh juxtaposition of a fulfilling and delightful profession overshadowed by unrealistic expectations put upon overachieving individuals w...

Kim Darche


Our Nation’s Policy & Advocacy for Behavioral and Mental Health

Presence works every day to ensure children have access to the services they need to be healthy and successful. We know kids deserve support, no matter where they live or what local workforce c...

Kelly Wolfe


Solving the Student Engagement Crisis

Supplemental online courses can make learning relevant for everyone and most schools now have the technologies needed to offer them.

Carol De Furia


The Big Learning Game: Is Your MTSS Playbook Ready?

MTSS stands for “Multi-Tiered System of Supports.” It’s a framework, process or model used by schools and districts to elevate student learning, giving targeted support to struggling learners...

Zach Vander Veen


How Will the Use of AI in Education Impact the Roles of Teachers?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a more prominent component of several global industries, including education . But in some industries, it has reached a point where workers a...

Aaron Rafferty


How Learning a Second Language Can Change Your Career

My Journey Toward Dual Language My journey toward a second language began when I was in middle school. I have always loved language and was excited to start learning Spanish. Little did I ...

Robyn D. Shulman


Why SEL is practical to integrate into 21st-century classrooms

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are teaching social-emotional learning (SEL). Your students are watching and learning from everything you do and say. They are learning how to deal w...

Tamara Fyke

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How Instructional Coaches Can Support the Mental Health of Educators

Instructional coaching for any leader can be challenging especially when working with educators who have never been coached, whether they are novice or experienced. It may be hard for educato...

Dr. Felicia Bolden


Matters of Principal: Resolving Conflict - Part 2

As discussed in last month’s article, conflict is an inevitable part of school life. While astute leadership can certainly prevent many contentious issues from percolating, there always will...

Jamie Bricker and Jack Barclay


You can’t teach without eye contact

How do we keep virtual learning human-centric? Remote, virtual, distance learning… call it what you will, millions of us choose – or have to choose – to learn from someone physically separ...

Martin Demkowicz


Social Emotional Wellness of Students a Top Concern Amidst Coincidental Huge Increases in Digital Content Spend by K12s

In 2022, most schools got past the pandemic disorientation and spent more stimulus funds on tech.

Doug Cauthen


Predictions for Gifted Education in 2023

New York City’s decision to put on hold the city’s gifted programming has sparked discussions nationwide around the impact and equity of gifted programs. Similarly, recent reports on the COVI...

Victoria Driver and Anna Houseman


What America Needs to Tackle the Youth Mental Health Crisis: A Guide to In-School Mental Health Services

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a four-part series on the student mental health crisis and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) for in-school mental health resources. Our child...

Duncan Young and Jerry Barone


Executive Coaching for Superintendents: Building Stronger, More Confident Leaders

Professional development for superintendents should be innovative and inspiring but too often it’s limited to a workshop in a stuffy conference room with outdated ideas and even older coffee ...

PJ Caposey, Ed.D.


New Thinking for Becoming Matrix Digital

There are several divergent points of thinking when it comes to considering adoption of a Matrix Digital Model of teaching and learning. Becoming organized and more efficient digitally involv...

LeiLani Cauthen


Learning to Be Smart

Back in 2011, researchers at University College London offered dramatic, direct evidence that intelligence can change after early childhood. The study was characterized as providing “new hope...

Betsy Hill and Roger Stark


No Longer a Luxury, Coding is Now Core

One of the most valuable skillsets we can teach our students is the ability to code. Not only does it enhance their writing and math skills, but it also gives them a valuable mindset for future...

Chris McMurray


Four Ways to Support Learning Coaches More Effectively

As we approach the three-year mark since schools in North America closed their doors to slow the spread of COVID-19, a lot of attention is being given (and rightfully so) to supporting the me...

John Willis


5 Ways Music Affects Learning

What song takes you back to a specific time or place? Did you ever get that feeling you were reliving a special moment when you heard a song from your past? Favorite songs can trigger our me...

Robyn D. Shulman

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Three Near-Term Innovation Areas for K12
K12 human resources are crucial to utilizing the cloud successfully. Roles and responsibilities have all changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic, and a new trend to move to core co...
An Essential Audio Ingredient in Today’s Accessible Learning Environments
Today’s learning environments have changed markedly from just a couple years ago, prior to the pandemic. Tech devices are comprehensively in both the student and teacher hands, but are they missin...
The Gaps Remaining for District Digital Transition
Most administrators know there are still gaps remaining in their school or district’s digital transition. Recent studies including the 2021 Digital Transition Surveys for Administrators and Teache...
5 Steps to Fixing the Hidden Traffic of Records Management Overwhelming Schools
How come digital processes seem easier but are often harder to manage? A major shift to digital teaching and learning in schools has developed an additional digital traffic load for teachers and f...
From Chaos to Learning Recovery: Going from Manual-Digital All the Way to Efficiency
Seeing the Levels of Chaos Helps Anchor Bringing Order Schools and districts that recently lost 4 percent of students to alternatives continued to lose students in 2021 at an accelerated pace (no...
Hybrid Logistics Security
Your district is a brand, and your network security helps power its reputation. With the accelerated move to hybrid learning environments over the past year, school districts across the nation are...