Tutor.com offers online tutoring programs built to become a seamless extension of classroom learning, to fit into a school’s or district’s unique ecosystem, and to align with key academic initiatives and outcome goals.

Through partnerships with K–12 schools and districts, students can access On-Demand Tutoring via single sign-on through their learning management system (LMS) or platform, at no cost to them. Tutor.com’s LEO® platform offers streamlined access to On-Demand Tutoring, drop-off review services, and self-paced resources, including test prep for the SAT®, ACT®, and other exams.

Tutor.com supports students and teachers with Teacher-Referred Tutoring and a Teacher Dashboard that enables educators to facilitate extended student engagement and learning progress. Teachers can refer students for tutoring, with their specific needs already identified, and then chart student progress through the dedicated Teacher Dashboard. With Tutor.com, school leaders can ensure that every student in their learning community has access to personalized academic support.




Tutor.com offers seamless integration with each institution’s learning platform. As a 1EdTech LTI® and OneRoster Certified provider, Tutor.com gives students and educators seamless, single sign-on access to the LEO academic support platform.

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Problem solved:

Students may connect for help at their moments of need, in the modalities that work best for them, via two-way text-chat or two-way voice (with text-chat). They can quickly access live homework help and concept review, drop-off services, and self-paced test prep and other tools.

The updated proprietary online classroom features a whiteboard, text and coding screens, graph paper and Desmos® graphing calculator, drawing/geometry tools, and other resources that encourage an engaging, empowering learner experience.

Educators receive early intervention alerts that flag students who struggled with prerequisite knowledge or content mastery. These alerts enable educators to provide just-in-time support and address curricular challenges.

Two recent independently conducted effectiveness studies both showed that the use of Tutor.com’s On-Demand Tutoring had positive impacts on student outcomes.

On-Demand Tutoring Meets ESSA II Standards:

Tutor.com engaged LearnPlatform by Instructure to examine the impact of Tutor.com’s On-Demand Tutoring on K–12 student outcomes.


A December 2023 effectiveness study of Tutor.com’s On-Demand Tutoring met ESSA Level II evidence standards for positive impacts on student outcomes, including these six statistically significant results:

  • Students who used Tutor.com had higher GPAs.
  • Students who used Tutor.com had 18% fewer Ds and Fs.
  • Among low-achieving students, Tutor.com users had higher GPAs.
  • Among low-achieving students, Tutor.com users had 47% fewer Ds and Fs.
  • Students who completed more Tutor.com sessions had fewer absences.
  • Students who engaged in more total minutes of Tutor.com tutoring had fewer absences.

A February 2024 effectiveness study also met ESSA Level II evidence standards, with these key statistically significant results:

  • Students who used Tutor.com had higher GPAs.
  • Students who spent more time on Tutor.com had higher GPAs.

Grade/age ranges:

K–12, Higher Ed

Core, supplemental, special needs, extracurricular or professional development?

Core and supplemental

Subject or topics:

250+ tutoring subjects, including bilingual tutoring in other languages, plus the ongoing addition of new subjects

Lesson time needed:

Tutor.com provides 24/7 support as students need it. About half of tutoring hours are served outside the hours of Monday through Friday, 9am–9pm (when other student-support services are often unavailable).


What makes the platform unique?

Teachers benefit from tools to support their students, in and beyond class. Students gain access to personalized, on-demand academic support and homework help at their moments of need. LEO reduces barriers of access to academic support so that all students have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

In addition, Tutor.com continues to be recognized in key industry award programs for its tools and services that improve engagement and achievement levels for K–12 students.


Here’s what users are saying:

“With Tutor.com, we can provide that level of preparation to all students at no additional cost to their families. If they choose to engage, they can have support with SAT preparation, Advanced Placement® courses, or International Baccalaureate® coursework. My hope is that creating an opportunity that’s both student-friendly and student-informed will yield better results in terms of both opportunity and access. And this, in turn, will help us make progress on both the equity gap and learning loss issues.”

--Wayne Walters, Ed.D., Superintendent at Pittsburgh Public Schools

“When I understood the level and the rigor of application for Tutor.com’s tutors, it seemed more rigorous than many hiring processes throughout the country. I felt very confident that I would let my own kids interact with the tutors on Tutor.com based on the way the interface was set up. From my point of view, selecting Tutor.com was a no-brainer.”

-- Michael Fournier, Superintendent at Bedford (N.H.) School District