Context on K-12 Education’s Tech Transformation. Each podcast offers interviews of leaders in education or the ed-tech industry, research from the Learning Counsel and the renowned insights of LeiLani Cauthen, who has been helping define this century’s real change to teaching and learning from a deep understanding of our schools and innovations in computing and learning software for over twenty years.

Aug 7 2020

A Story about PODS

In this EduJedi Report Podcast, LeiLani talks about PODS, the new trend in homeschooling-tied-to-schools.  With the advent of the pandemic, a scenerio she first talked about in her book, The Consumerization of Learning, is coming true.  She reads a purely fictional account of a student’s journey in a POD from the last chapters of her book, giving a glimpse into the future.

Jul 31 2020

Looking Back Before Looking Forward

Guests, Dr. Travis Taylor, Instructional Technology Specialist from Little Rock School District, Arkansas, and Berj Akian, CEO of ClassLink, have a lively conversation about one of the biggest organizational conundrums for schools as quarantines went into effect and how to better prepare for the future. Dr. Taylor shares how Little Rock is using single sign-on and analytics to bring order to remote learning in an evolving digital landscape.

Jul 29 2020

New Norms of Hybrid Professional Development

Guests Tyce Miller, the CEO of Mobilemind and Sarah Porisch, Director of Technology, Brainerd Public Schools, discuss what’s happening now with teaching the teachers. Where schools once had those eight-hour days of intensive professional development, training is now shifting to on-demand and highly personalized through advanced technology. The talk focused on the success from Minnesota, and how Sarah helped lead change with all their teachers becoming immersed in how to use technology successfully for their student learners.

May 29 2020

Remote Learning in the Hot Zone

What’s it been like to transition to digital remote learning in one of our nation’s hot zones? One district with a “Keep Learning, Don’t Miss Out” motto made every day in quarantines count.

May 18 2020

Digital Instructional Design is Different and Getting More Different

LeiLani discusses what is happening with the intersection of regular instructional design and the new digital instructional design paradigm with one of the nation’s preeminently qualified UI/UX and instructional design experts found tucked away in District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), Sakon Kieh. In this podcast, Sakon and LeiLani discuss what’s happened with the national COVID-19 crisis and how design is different, and getting more different.

May 7 2020

Let’s not screw up this Stimulus for Education

Guest: Dr. Barbara Nemko, Napa County Superintendent of Schools, Napa County Office of Education, CA
LeiLani Cauthen and Dr. Barbara Nemko, Napa County Superintendent of Schools, Napa County Office of Education in California discuss what the ARRA Stimulus of 2009 did compared to the new CARES Act Stimulus intention. Many important comments are made regarding caveats for schools and districts to consider. On superintendents just using the Stimulus to save jobs, Dr. Nemko stated: “I do believe there are a lot of teachers who are not going to want to come back, because of the fear. We’re going to see a very different but much more blended model.”

May 5 2020

What Really Happened with Quarantine & Education

Guest: Senator Howard Stephenson, Utah
LeiLani Cauthen and Senator Howard Stephenson of Utah discuss concerns about the sudden shift of all schools to remote learning, and what it really means for the future. Just one of Stephenson’s great comments: “The thing you need to focus on is those tools that provide immediate interactive, adaptive feedback while the student is doing the work. It's not about PDFs online. It's not about worksheets.”


LeiLani Cauthen is the most connected thought leader in K12 education. She is the CEO and Publisher of the Learning Counsel, a research and news media hub for K12 education with 215,000 primarily executive education readers. She produces leadership training events in twenty-five or more U.S. cities annually and keynotes other conferences. Her on-the-ground approach for the last seven years connected her with districts of all sizes as well as charter schools, private schools, and government leaders. Learning Counsel also produces hot topic webinars with school administrators from across America, a series of Special Reports, ongoing news, and the largest ed-tech research study annually. LeiLani is also the Founder of Knowstory, a social media site just for education, the GrandMaster of the Edujedi Leadership Society, and author of “The Consumerization of Learning.”

Known as an everyday philosopher, author, speaker, research analyst, and futurist, LeiLani has gained accolades from thousands of educators. She is well versed in the digital content universe, software development, hardware innovation, school academic planning and digital coverage model strategies. Her work has included creating a model architecture for learning software in K12 that encompasses tech advance areas with useful labeling, writing the renowned “100+ Characteristics of Digital Curriculum” and “Leadership versus the Classroom” Special Reports, pioneering stair-step maturity archetypes for school transitioning, and making new professional development games including “Personalized Learning Workflow Twister.” With over twenty years of tech, news media and education experience, LeiLani has a reputation for accurately predicting the trajectory of education. She is currently writing a new book entitled “The Uberization of Learning.”

What People are Saying:

“My biggest moment of just trying to learn what this is about, was listening to LeiLani just be real and not be afraid to say some things you probably wouldn’t typically hear and then allow people to process that through and expose their own vulnerability a little bit and say, ‘Okay, where do I fit in this and how does this work and am I doing the right things.’ And challenging your mindset and challenging what you think you know, and what you may or may not know . Which I think is good. I appreciate that. I think that’s one of the healthiest things I can do is put myself in a situation where I have to listen to some things where I am not comfortable yet.”

Jeff Plaman
Online Learning Specialist, Minnesota Dept of Education

“Education is in chaos. Many schools are struggling, they are going in all directions, trying to get the latest technology because they hear buzzwords and they’re trying to stand in front of the board and say ‘Yes, we do that!’ It’s not going anywhere, and you feel it. You feel the confusion. What LeiLani lays out is a roadmap for education, ‘This is what’s going to happen, this is what is happening, this is what needs to happen if you’re going to solve this tangled situation which you are at right now.’ I really think this is her putting a mirror in front of the industry and saying, ‘Look at the mirror, this is the picture, this is what it IS, now let’s take it somewhere else.’”

Elad Inbar
CEO RobotLab

“There’s always a forward look as to where this could be going. LeiLani’s got a wonderful vision about where things could take us, and so just hearing that is inspiration; there are nuggets I can take back to my own district that we pull out of that to build into our own system and architecture.”

Superintendent Greg Magnuson
Buena Park School District, CA

“LeiLani brings together educational leaders from across the country in unique forums to challenge them to think differently about technology in education. She has an amazing vision for what technology in education will look like in the very near future. Her new book is a testament to the new reality of the digital transformation taking place. She explains how technology in education is being implemented and suggests systems of change to adopt digital learning and knowledge. These systems of change represent a very authentic and real-world approach to ‘upset ́ the present culture of education and transform into a truly digital one that will result in better learning outcomes.”

Keith A. Bockwoldt
CETL, NSBA “20 to Watch”, Chief Information Officer
Hinsdale Township High School District 86, Chicago

“LeiLani is a fantastic researcher who can describe broad trends in the educational marketplace, while also articulating specific future needs that will be essential for successful educational institutions. She is a true education industry thought leader. The Consumerization of Learning does a wonderful job of codifying the trajectory of education, showing how we are on the precipice of consumerization, and describing a great need for education to catch up to the Age of Experience.”

Dan Stoneman
(Former) Chief Innovation Officer of San Diego USD, 2017
Classroom of the Future Foundation
Innovator of the Year

“The research that LeiLani has conducted and artfully summarized in The Consumerization of Learning is presented in a way that positions education leaders to adopt common language and understandings of the rapidly changing landscape of K-12 education. As we collectively work to redefine what we believe about learning, how people learn, and what role technology plays in modern learning environments, leaders recognize that technology is an essential piece of the education puzzle, but that it is not the driver.”

Beth Pocius
Manager, Blended and Digital Curriculum
Implementation and Support,
Seminole County Public Schools, FL

Authored by LeiLani Cauthen

The Consumerization of Learning

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