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Online, Mindsets-Based Social Emotional Learning Program for Educators and Students Success

7 Mindsets offers a proven, research-based social emotional learning (SEL) solution that helps K-12 districts and schools create and sustain positive school cultures rooted in healthy relationsh...

App of the Week

Digital, Character Development and Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Formats: Website and app for iOS devices

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Aperture Education Seeks Help to Standardize its High School Social-Emotional Learning Assessment

Parents, teachers, staff and after-school providers will receive $5 for each student that they assess

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Hero K12 and BV Acquire SchoolMint in Continued Expansion of EdTech Platform

Addition of SchoolMint exemplifies Hero K12 and BV Investment Partners’ investment strategy, starting with school choice, enrollment, and a goal of helping educators create stronger relationships with families

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Webinar Series on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Free Aperture Education Webinar Mini-Series Begins on Oct. 24, 2017

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Curriculum Associates Supports Professional Advancement for Latino Administrators by Sponsoring ALAS Scholarship Awards

Scholarships will help two aspiring administrators earn advanced degrees in education

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Texas Education Commissioner Approves the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment Screener for use in Kindergarten

The DESSA-mini is one of two approved health and wellness assessments

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Nonprofit HITN Learning Launches New Award-winning Educational Apps For Preschools At Head Start Conference

Inexpensive and highly appealing Pocoyo Playset apps make a world of difference helping Spanish-speaking preschool children develop math and literacy skills for Kindergarten

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Essay Contest with $1,000 College Scholarship Prize

Interested students submit an essay describing the non-academic skills that helped them get through high school

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Success with Social-Emotional Learning Supports for Students

Burlington Public Schools Showcases its Social-Emotional Learning Initiative during March 29, 2017 Webinar

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A Focus on Students' Social and Emotional Competence

A new company created to help schools address the whole child


Fostering Connectedness and Promoting SEL

What are the programs you can use in your classrooms that will help get and keep your students connected? And how do these programs aid in the social emotional learning of your students? In this...


SEL: Empowering Students & Staff to Lead Balanced, Confident Lives

If you wanted to write a book, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better title than “Social Emotional Learning in Blue Valley.” But that is the name of this presentation, featuring Brad Moser, Dire...


Social Media and Social Emotional Learning

When I lead professional development sessions for Love In A Big World , I always ask educators what is influencing the way our students see the world. Regardless of the grade level, the teacher...


Using Cultural Appreciation to Promote SEL in K-12

How we’re using our social-emotional learning curriculum to put relationships into focus, create strong bonds with students, and gauge what’s reall y going on in the classroom. With a stude...


Student Mental Health is a Puzzle: Here’s How to Make the Pieces Fit Together

Where does Social Emotional Learning (SEL) fit in? Through the framework of SEL, students can develop skills in self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal relationships to better prepar...

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We Are Resilient

It’s back to school time. Amidst the growing concerns about the Delta variant, students, families and educators are heading back into the routine of daily in-person learning. The stress of healt...


Solving the Teacher Shortage Can’t (by Itself) Solve the Learning Shortage

President Biden recently announced plans to fund efforts to address the shortage of teachers, a situation that has been building for many years and accelerated because of the pandemic. There is ...

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Using SEL to support college and career readiness

We often hear employers and college recruiters talk about soft skills – those skills that go beyond technical knowledge about a job or academic test scores – and the importance of those skills...


High Tech Tells a Story

Technology is inescapable. Whether teaching and learning at home or at school, we rely on hardware and software to help us. Notice the words “help us.” Computers and systems are tools for us to ...

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Individualized wellbeing programs: Overcoming the 3 biggest challenges

Challenge #1: Who has the time for wellbeing? This is largely a manifestation of the complexity of wellbeing itself and ties into the below challenge of 'meaning.’ Given its complexity, ther...

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Are Your Students at Risk? Here’s What to Watch for

Over the past 25 years of working with administrators and teachers around SEL, the pushback has been, “I don’t have time for that” or “I don’t know what to do,” or “I’m not a school counselor.” ...


“Both, and…”: Why Students Need Both SEL and Rigorous Instruction as Schools Reopen

The moment educators have been waiting for, for more than a year—a return to normal—feels like it’s going to appear on the horizon at any moment. The growing availability of COVID-19 vaccines, f...

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Expanding Social Emotional Development: The Roles We All Play

Editor’s Note: This is part two of a series about how findings and solutions from Applied Educational Neuroscience are necessary in improving our approach to the social and emotional developmen...

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Expanding Social and Emotional Development: Why More? Why Now?

Editor’s Note: This is part one in a series about how solutions from Applied Educational Neuroscience are necessary to improve our approach to the social and emotional development of children. ...


What a Year it has Been

It’s been a year. A year of closed schools and limited travel, a year of face masks and social distancing, a year of distance learning and friendship pods. It’s been a tough year. A year of love...


The Role of Cognitive Skills in Academic Performance

Editor’s Note: This is the final installment in a five-part series. The negative impact of COVID-19-related disruptions on student learning has fallen disproportionately on students living...

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Emotional Intelligence: The Smarter Path to High Achievement

Editor’s Note: This is part three of a three-part series on student wellbeing.   What is social emotional health and how do we define the healthy child? What are some ways that schools ...

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Comprehensive Integrated Cognitive Training: Sculpting Cognitive Processes

Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 in a five-part series. In the first article in this series, we discussed the concept that the greatest matter of equity our nation’s students face is their co...


Make Learning Engaging and Meaningful in this COVID World

All three of my children, ages 22, 17 and (almost) 15, have had their learning interrupted this year because of the pandemic. My oldest son has had the least difficulty transitioning since many ...


Changing the Dialogue Can Make a Big Difference in Student Wellbeing

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a three-part series on student wellbeing. Much has been made of the state of student wellbeing during the pandemic. On the back of decades of rising ment...


Be Kind (to Yourself), Unwind!

For the past decade, I have been advocating for the integration of social-emotional learning and screens in schools.  I never imagined that we would be living in 2020 when families are forced to...


Remote Learning: Keeping Learners at the Center of All We Do

A friend of mine has two young school-age boys, kindergarten and second grade.  The other week she posted a photo of her youngest slumped over the kitchen table with his head down, feeling disco...


Scientifically Speaking: We Can Safely and Successfully Educate Students During the Pandemic

For us here in the South, we have been back-to-school for more than a week. Many counties are opting for virtual learning while the number of coronavirus cases continue to climb. From the conver...


Using SEL Strategies to Foster a Growth Mindset in Elementary Students

If you’ve opened any education journal, read an online article, joined a PLC or participated in professional development in the last few years you’ve no doubt heard “growth mindset” discussed an...

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Questions We Must Consider

Yesterday I was part of a strategy meeting with a Nashville non-profit that provides school-based services. The team includes a mix of working moms and single women who are working as university...


The Importance of Mental and Emotional Awareness

Now that the initial shock of a health crisis ravaging our nation has set in, it is time to consider a sweeping change in the way we support our school communities in mental and emotional wellne...


Just What We Need: Infusing SEL into CTE

“When am I EVER going to use this?” is the classic question that drives teachers crazy. Because of the way education is currently structured, many teachers in regular education don’t have an ans...


Administrators: How to Sell SEL to Teachers

Although SEL is considered one of the hottest topics in education, there is still a need for educators to understand why it is important. In a world full of increased uncertainty and trauma, man...


Directly Addressing Behavior to Form the Foundation for Learning

Schools have a core mission to develop students who have the all-around skills and knowledge to succeed in life. Regardless of the name we give these skills―grit, growth mindset, or social-emoti...


Schoolwide Approach to SEL

Over the past year, I have had countless conversations with educators, from administrators to classroom teachers, about their perspectives on social-emotional learning (SEL).  My team and I have...


Schools Say Highest Pressure Stems from Their Students’ Social and Emotional Needs

Exclusive findings from the latest Learning Counsel Survey

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Using Tech to Practice SEL Skills

As an educator and parent, I feel I have been waging the war against screens for more than a decade.  In the classroom, even with adults, it’s a challenge to get learners to focus on what is hap...


How can SEL & EdTech Work Together

In our world today, we understand the needs of the whole child include social-emotional learning, and we also know that technology is a ubiquitous, essential, and powerful part of education. So,...


Targeting Today’s Teaching Pain Points

Zia Learning Zigs into the Ed-Tech Breach


Furry Four-Legged School Staff

This simple SEL solution may be just what many kids need


How to Kill Student Creativity

Considering a child's innate "sixth sense" in teaching and learning

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The Mindsets of Hope and Optimism in the Aftermath of the Pandemic

In times of great uncertainty, unrest, and even fear, much can be learned from our history. Great men and women have given us a model for how to not only survive but use adversity as a catalyst ...


Uncertain Times

In June 2017 at the  #SEL Conference  in Nashville, TN, Tim Shriver stated in his keynote address, “We live in volatile, ambiguous, complex and uncertain times.” He unpacked this statement by ex...


Why SEL is practical to integrate into 21st-century classrooms

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are teaching social-emotional learning (SEL). Your students are watching and learning from everything you do and say. They are learning how to deal w...


Our Nation’s Policy & Advocacy for Behavioral and Mental Health

Presence works every day to ensure children have access to the services they need to be healthy and successful. We know kids deserve support, no matter where they live or what local workforce c...

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Three Near-Term Innovation Areas for K12
K12 human resources are crucial to utilizing the cloud successfully. Roles and responsibilities have all changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic, and a new trend to move to core co...
An Essential Audio Ingredient in Today’s Accessible Learning Environments
Today’s learning environments have changed markedly from just a couple years ago, prior to the pandemic. Tech devices are comprehensively in both the student and teacher hands, but are they missin...
The Gaps Remaining for District Digital Transition
Most administrators know there are still gaps remaining in their school or district’s digital transition. Recent studies including the 2021 Digital Transition Surveys for Administrators and Teache...
5 Steps to Fixing the Hidden Traffic of Records Management Overwhelming Schools
How come digital processes seem easier but are often harder to manage? A major shift to digital teaching and learning in schools has developed an additional digital traffic load for teachers and f...
From Chaos to Learning Recovery: Going from Manual-Digital All the Way to Efficiency
Seeing the Levels of Chaos Helps Anchor Bringing Order Schools and districts that recently lost 4 percent of students to alternatives continued to lose students in 2021 at an accelerated pace (no...
Hybrid Logistics Security
Your district is a brand, and your network security helps power its reputation. With the accelerated move to hybrid learning environments over the past year, school districts across the nation are...