Once the e-books are downloaded, no Internet connection is needed.

What do they help with?

Baobab’s interactive eBooks offer a wide variety of mathematical problems and activities that encourage students to reason, develop problem-solving strategies, and make connections between concepts and processes.

Elements of the ebooks include animation, drawing pads, video, audio and reviews.

What grade and age range?

3rd and 4th Grade (8-10 years old)

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what?

Supplemental/aligned on the Common Core

What lesson time does it use?

Each grade has over 100 hours of significant learning

What is the pricing model?

Mathventure for 3rd or 4th Grade $14.99per grade

Mathventure for 3rd or 4th Grade: Focus on Operations $6.99

Mathventure for 3rd or 4th Grade: Focus on Fractions $5.99

Mathventure for 3rd or 4th Grade: Focus on Geometry $5.99

Are there services around it?

Mathventure for 3rd or 4th Grade: Teacher’s Guide FREE

What makes Mathventure unique?

Baobab Education’s interactive Mathventure eBooks are engaging and long-lasting learning tools for the iPad, Mac and iPhone. Using exciting real-life activities, animations & videos, and thoughtful reviews, our Mathventure series helps reinforce key concepts in the Common Core, helping students acquire the problem-solving skills they need to understand the world.

What instructional design principles are at work here?

Designed by experienced authors, the Mathventure collection facilitates implementation of the Common Core Math Standards. The interactive eBooks in this collection put students in meaningful learning situations that help them understand the world around them. It is an approach that allows young students to discover the wonderful and fascinating world of mathematics.

Mathventure for 3rd Grade or 4th Grade each explore three critical areas:

1. Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Multiples and factors, whole numbers, comparison of whole numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, sequences and patterns.

2. Fractions

Equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, addition, subtraction, mixed numbers, multiplying a whole number by a fraction, decimal numbers.

3. Geometry and Measurement

Lines and angles, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, shapes and their attributes, comparing angles, measuring angles, units of measure, perimeter and area of a rectangle

Interactivity: Mathventure contains many interactive elements –

- Drawing platform to present solutions

- Virtual manipulatives

- Image galleries

- Video and audio features,

- Animated solutions and content

- Review features with automatic correction


Teacher reviews:

"Mathvenure provides opportunities to learn math by engaging ALL students in real world problems. Math is not seen as isolated skills but as the webs of contextual learning and process oriented knowledge."

– Elizabeth (Twigg) Anthony,

Supervisor of Special Education at Caroline County Public Schools

"Your eBooks are related to real life, which is important for students. The technology

applications allow teachers to use their devices in an authentic and motivating way. Thank you for your work."

– Apple customer review

"I notice that your iBooks are related to real life which is important for students in real life applications in numeracy. Also, the technology applications allow teachers to use their devices in an authentic and motivating way. Thank you for your work. "

– Cindy Wainikka, Principal at Maple Leaf School

"Use Mathventure for 4th Grade as a supplemental resource; it has plenty of instructional content. There's a lot to learn in Mathventure."

– Common Sense Education

"I highly recommend the expertise that Baobab Education offers. They are able to develop a pedagogic approach that will respect any educational program’s demands. The Baobab Education team encompasses extraordinary creators of original and innovative content."

– Michel de la Chenelière, CEO of Chenelière McGraw-Hill

"Mathventure is an incredibly powerful resource that teaches students in ways the brain learns, processes and remembers content."

– L. Desautels, Assoc. Professor in Education at Marian University

" [Mathventure] is a revelation: the lessons teach various mathematical concepts with precision; the vibrant graphics and robust animations make this an excellent teaching tool."

– B. Metrock, CEO at Score Publishing

"Mathventure is a great resource to ensure our nation's students are proficient in math at grade level and beyond."

– T. Shivers, Director of Government Affairs at America's Edge

"If you’re on the lookout for the best in interactive learning, look no further than Mathventure – this is a teaching tool that brings common sense to the world of mathematics, with a twist of fun and outstanding graphics. I strongly recommend this eBook!"

– Apple customer review

"The content coverage is comprehensive and engaging, especially within the problem-solving themes."

– Common Sense Education